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   Chapter 5 Death by Chocolate

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The next day, Solene took her little brother in the local supermarket for a quick shop of produce and fresh fruits. She parked her mother's SUV first near the entrance of the supermarket and hand-in-hand, they walked inside the building with an ecobag in hand.

Solene picked the biggest wheeled grocery basket so that her brother could ride inside it. They entered into the Candy and Chocolate's Section first by AC's insistence. Solene didn't mind as she also loved to buy her favorite chocolate-covered macadamia nuts.

It was past nine in the morning in a Friday so the local supermarket was filled with customers. Some were together with their families and some others were buying alone.

On their way into the C and C Section, Solene noticed a commotion some distance away. It was the manager of the supermarket arguing with the delivery men about the late deliveries. She just shrugged her shoulders, seeing it as a common occurrence whenever she visits the place.

"Nutella!" shouted AC as he pointed to the jar of delicious spread right when they entered their section.

Solene flashed a grin at him. "You want that one?" she asked whilst pushing the cart towards the shelf of Nutella jars.

AC bobbed his head up and down, feeling ecstatic.

With this, Solene reached for a jar—the biggest one in the shelf—and handed it to him. AC smiled the widest smile he could make and hugged the jar into his chest.

"Alright, I'm going to get me some macadamia chocolates too and then we go buy grandpa's fruits okay?" she stated.

"Yes! Yes!" AC answered.

Solene pushed the cart towards the shelf of her favorite desert. In this section of the market, it was only them and two other customers present.

One was a middle aged woman busily comparing a box of Sneakers, her floral dress reminding Solene of her mother's tablecloth in the dining room while the other, was a tall man around his late twenties wearing a dark blue coat with its wide collar covering his profile. He was neither holding a pack of goods or a grocery basket with him. He was just staring at the shelf of chocolate-covered nuts as if the objects were speaking to him telepathically.

Solene noticed the man just as she neared the shelf. She looked up at him, tried to make a friendly eye contact but he didn't bother to face her. The high collar of his coat hindered Solene from checking his features and it hindered her from knowing if he noticed their presence too.

'What a wierd man, ' she thought to herself as she continued to park the cart near the shelf.

Right when she reached for the box of macadamia nuts, the ground below her shook. Immediately, she thought it was an earthquake so she grabbed the cart in one hand and then AC on the other and pressed him closer to her.

The shaking continued and it grew stronger and stronger. The panicked cries of customers were heard throughout the building while the goods on the shelf fell fast on the ground.

"Hold on AC!" Solene cried as the ground beneath her roared. Seconds later, a crack on her floor appeared. Then, the nearest shelf of their section fell down. Solene, upon seeing the crack about to swallow them whole, grabbed her crying brother in the hopes of running towards a safe area.

She was too late unfortunately.

The chasm reached her and her footing immediately gave way. In her panic, she let out a high-pitched scream. Her heartbeat triple worked, her pupils dilated.

Just as she was falling down towards the opening together with her brother, she locked eyes with the man. She found him already watching her, the expression on his face showed no concern over the tremors on the ground or the current dire situation she and her brother was in.

But there was certainly one fact that Solene had realized in the midst of falling. It was that this man here was the same man in the library. Unfortunately and for obvious reasons, she couldn't ruminate on the fine distinctions of this man: the shapely brows he had, his chiseled jaw, that perfect nose, and those looked perpetually neutral, but she felt as if he was smirking at her. Those details all but tossed out of he

ed by to perfectly sturdy thick walls crumbling down on her. Many times, her mother and grandparents had to bring her to the hospital for minor cuts, bruises and concussions.

Like a moth to a flame, it didn't look like it was stopping. Or so they thought, until her grandmother, fresh from a trip to an undisclosed country, brought a female friend and some redeemable news for the family.

Fast forward to the now, Solene hesitantly nodded. "Yes, I'm fine, Ma. I should...head upstairs."

Without waiting for her mother's reply, Solene dashed past her and AC and went straight to her room on the second floor. In there, she immediately went to the bathroom and lifted her blouse up, right where her left flank could be seen.

"Damn it..." she cursed as the reflection of her tattoo stared back at her. It was drawn by the female companion of her grandmother, an old lady that kept mostly to herself while she stayed in their house when Solene was fourteen-years-old. The drawing was created using an ancient method. There was pain involved. Intense pain. Solene nearly lost consciousness three times while it was created, but the result was all worth it.

A tattoo of a black angel's wings spread wide had taken residence on her left flank. It was a beautiful piece of artwork, but Solene knew it wasn't for decorative purposes.

Pressing her lips tightly, she hastily bent down, pulled her jeans off of her and stood before the bathroom mirror again.

"Shit, " she muttered, her face turning into intense worry.

A second tattoo greeted her, perfectly drawn on her inner left thigh. It was created by the same woman after the first was done. It showed an Egyptian symbol of life, an ankh, in a shade of black and green.

Both tattoos would protect her from any harm as per the old woman's words. It would likely stop the accidents from befalling her.

Unfortunately, for Solene now, both tattoos had started turning transparent.

And it was exactly what had scared her. If this was fading, could it be that the accidents would return too? And if yes, was the earthquake earlier in the supermarket possibly connected to this?

Yet she couldn't make sense with the miracle earlier. She and her brother had lived. What unknown force had come to her rescue then if it wasn't the work of the tattoos?

Remembering the man from earlier, her eyes lit wide. He was there when they were falling. Undoubtedly, he was the only witness. There was a big possibility he had seen or heard something. He might be able to enlighten her. But thinking about it now, he didn't seem to look like he had when Solene saw him in the parking lot.

"There's only one way to know then, " she told herself. "I got to talk to him. The problem is, where will I find this man?"

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