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   Chapter 4194 The Army Set Out

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"All hail Master Humphrey!"

Over and over, shouts and cries from random creatures could be heard in every corner of the Sea of Chaos.

By now, Humphrey's army had taken over the majority of it.

He had made it so all the other forces and races no longer existed.

The only exceptions were the six super forces. The rest had almost all been enslaved by him.

Anyone who refused to submit to Humphrey was either killed or managed to escape. When they did escape, they went into deep hiding.

Humphrey considered himself the new, sole ruler of the Sea of Chaos.

At that moment, in the Heaven Roc Universe Community, he was being showered with attention.

"All hail Master Humphrey!"

All around him, countless strong cultivators praised him and knelt at his feet.

Humphrey perched cross-legged on a platform.

The platform was carved with depictions of nine divine dragons that shone with divine light. Their heads were held high, making them look ferocious and mighty.

On the platform was Humphrey's throne. The head of the heaven roc race had collected many rare treasures from the Sea of Chaos and ordered skilled craftsmen to build it. It had to be good enough for Humphrey, or blood would be split.

"Yes. Yes.

It is an honor to be my slaves.

As long as you are loyal and obedient to me, I won't treat you unfairly,"

Humphrey said. His majestic voice echoed throughout the Heaven Roc Universe Community, piercing into the spiritual souls of all the creatures.

"As you say, Master Humphrey. We will always be loyal and obedient to you!"

all the powerful warriors answered in unison.

When in reality, these word

and bustling as they prepared for another battle.

Under the extreme oppression of Humphrey, the creatures had given up all their rights and freedom. They had no other choice but to take on enemies stronger than themselves.

After half a day of preparation,

a huge army marched out.

In the middle of the army, there was a carefully crafted chair.

Hundreds of divine gods used their great power to carry it on their shoulders.

This was the only way Humphrey would travel.

They traveled across the Sea of Chaos with their armors gleaming and their banners flying.

The army consisted of the elites of most forces in the Sea of Chaos. They would stand the best chance against the six super forces.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The army marched towards the void at a slow pace.

It exuded a terrifying aura of war.

The aura blotted out the sky and sun, making everything darker. The glimmer of their armors and their murderous will made the stars dim and countless universes tremble.

"All hail Master Humphrey!"

The yells still rang out, scaring creatures hundreds of miles away.

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