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   Chapter 4193 That Was Crazy

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Now that the fight was almost over,

Austin had sensed that most of the divine gods in the three thousand big and small universes

had been watching him this whole time.

"That was crazy! I'm glad I got to witness such a brilliant battle!"

All the divine gods had gathered together right inside the border of the three thousand big and small universes.

Austin had shattered more than ten genuine divine gods with one single strike,

and all without breaking a sweat.

All of his victims were genuine divine gods.

"Well done!"

Santos praised as a large smile overtook his face.

"There's no doubt that Austin is the best in terms of swordsmanship."

They couldn't wait until Austin had finished so they could congratula

Caroline asked, looking at Austin expectantly.


Looking at his women, Austin felt a little guilty for being away so much.

Therefore, he took them back to the headquarters of the Flame Holy Land and spent a few days with them.

Then, he began to cultivate in seclusion.

Ten days later,

a news had reached the three thousand big and small universes.

At this point, almost all forces in the Sea of Chaos had surrendered to Humphrey except for the six super forces.

Besides, a very small number of forces and creatures had managed to escape and hide from his reaches.

That meant that Humphrey was close to ruling the Sea of Chaos.

The only thing that might stop him was if the six super forces took action.

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