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   Chapter 4192 The New Sword Move

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The sound of the divine gods filled the air, causing a huge ruckus.

Recently, Humphrey's army had gained a lot of attention in the Sea of Chaos.

They traveled around, causing fear and death when they pleased.

After all this time, not a single member of the six super forces tried to stand up to them.

All the creatures who had followed Humphrey first were reveling in it.

Although they were Humphrey's slaves,

they were protected by his reputation.

The heaven roc race was the most grateful.

Their territory had become Humphrey's base,

causing their status to rise dramatically. They were now as famous as the six super forces in the Sea of Chaos.

The members of the heaven roc race were considered higher ups in Humphrey's army and

the head of the heaven roc race was Humphrey's right-hand man.

They were very loyal to Humphrey.

With all of their collective help, Humphrey's army had dominated the Sea of Chaos.

They were in the beginnings of ruling it.

As long as the six super forces stayed in hiding, Humphrey could do whatever he wanted in the Sea of Chaos.

People believed ever since their battle with Ronnie, the six super forces had been greatly weakened.

This caused their status to diminish.

"It's unexpected but Humphrey is our leader now."

"From now on, Humphrey is the only ruler of the Sea of Chaos."

The creatures discussed among themselves.

Over time, Humphrey's army had become the bully in the Sea of Chaos.

This group of divine gods came to the three thousand big and small universes with Humphrey's edict. They waited for a long time, but no one came out to greet them.


a of Chaos.


the divine god began but he was distracted by the sword intents.

He tried to lunge forward but he couldn't move.

Slowly, his hands and feet were all broken by the sword intents.

Next, his torso and head were crushed.

The edict was ripped by the sword intents constantly passing through it until it was in shreds.


Don't kill me!"

the spiritual soul of the divine god cried from the sky.

"Austin, stop! You can't kill him!"

the surviving divine gods shouted.


Under the control of Austin's mind, another sword-light emerged.

It was still the same move.

The black and white sword intents spread so far that hundreds of millions of miles of the void was coated in them.

All the remaining divine gods

were stuck in place

as the surging sword intents crushed their bodies into nothingness.

A moment later,

all the sword intents finally disappeared.

Peace was finally restored in the chaotic void.

More than ten spiritual souls were floating in the air, scared at the thought of what Austin would do to them next.

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