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   Chapter 4191 Humphrey's Detachment

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"Sirs, in the meantime, I'll deal with the Yellow Cosmos.

You can go,"

Austin mentioned to the other divine gods.


The other divine gods nodded and left one after another.

Once he was alone, Austin leapt forward and landed on the Earth.

Now that the isolation belts outside the Yellow Cosmos and the Earth were destroyed, the Earth had been connected to the void outside and the energy and laws outside began to enter it.

Spiritual energy and laws grew plentiful and

the creatures on the Earth became stronger without even realizing it.

In the past, the spiritual energy on Earth had been almost exhausted and the laws didn't work. These creatures were exceptionally weak.

They didn't even live as long as creatures on the outside did.

"This will be a good start.

The Earth is getting better.

Energy and laws will slowly recover, and in the future, it will gradually develop into a star that is suitable for cultivation.

I won't have to worry about it for a while.

What I do have to worry about is Humphrey. He's causing a lot of problems for the Sea of Chaos.

I will have to remove the creatures at any time,"

Austin murmured as he examined the Earth using his spiritual sense.

As he walked through the land,

he used a disguise so no living creature could see him.

After walking for a while, Austin entered the territory of the Brilliant Kingdom. He stopped and used his spiritual sense.

"I can sense the aura of Taoism."

As Austin's eyes swept over the Brilliant Kingdom, he saw Taoist aura slowly reaching for the sky.

"And there's the aura of Buddhism."

Austin looked in the direction of the Hiding Area in the snowy mountains where Buddhist light bloomed and Buddhist chants echoed.

"Wait. What's this aura? Is it the aura of sorcery?"

Austin looked southwest, where wisps of black aura rose into the sky.

"It seems that sorcery was plentiful on the Earth in

in, our spy reported that half of the forces in the Sea of Chaos have surrendered to Humphrey.

Humphrey is now strong and has founded his own powerful army.

Just now, someone came to the outside of the three thousand big and small universes with an edict. They want you to collect it in person."

Suddenly, Austin received a message from Santos.

"What? Humphrey has an edict sent to me?

He must already think he's the ruler of the Sea of Chaos,"

Austin grumbled.

"I'll go and check it out,"

he said, leaving the Earth and the Yellow Cosmos behind for now.

Soon, he arrived at the void outside the three thousand big and small universes.

A small group of divine gods were waiting for him, cursing and scowling.

"Austin, come out and take the edict!

Otherwise, you will be doomed!"

"How dare you disobey Master Humphrey's edict? If you don't accept it, we will have to kill you!"

"The three thousand big and small universes are too arrogant. They don't show Master Humphrey the respect he deserves."

"Just you wait. If Master Humphrey comes here, he will destroy the three thousand big and small universes with one slap."

The divine gods stood outside the three thousand big and small universes and waited impatiently, filling the air with their filth.

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