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   Chapter 4190 Destroy The Isolation Belt

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This isolation belt expanded for miles and was brimming with energy and laws that churned on its surface. From time to time, terrifying hurricanes of space and time would roll across it, howling and roaring.

Mixed in the belt, there were numerous lands of danger and lands of death.

It was so intimidating that not even a divine god would step into it without months of preparation.

As he flew to the isolation belt, Austin's face remained calm. He could feel the energy coming off of it and ruffling his hair. It was dangerous but he walked into it as if it were his backyard.

"Watch out, Austin! It's not safe there!"

Parker, Alethea and the other divine gods were behind him and they all held the same worried expression on their faces.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The second that Austin's foot made contact with the isolation belt, various attacks were activated.

Energy attack, law attack, array attack, and attacks from the land of danger and land of death all reared and headed for Austin.

In the face of so many attacks, Austin closed his eyes and focused on defending himself.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

One after the other, streaks of sword-light exited his body. They were each bright and thin and flew through the sky with ease.

The instant the attacks collided with the sword-light, they disintegrated and disappeared like snowflakes under sunshine.

After his trip to the Sword Cosmos, Austin had swordsmanship more advanced than any swordsman in the Sea of Chaos.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Sword-light continued to pour from Austin's body, spreading in every direction.

Soon, everything in the isolation belt, including all kinds of energy, laws, arrays, lands of danger, and lands of death, was destroyed. What had once appeared dangerous was weak in Austin's path.

"I can't believe it..."

Parker, Alethea, and all the other divine gods were watching with their mouths hanging open.

This whole time, Austin had been standing in the isolation belt with his hands behind his back. He seemed to have done nothing, but only moments later, he had successfully destroyed the entire isolation belt outside the Yellow Cosmos.

Not even a spot of it was left behind.

A seemingly boundless void began to replace the space where the huge isolation belt used to be.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Finally, the void where the Yellow Cosmos was situated was connected with the void of the outside world.

All the energy and laws in the chaotic void forced their way into the Yellow Cosmos in a hurry.

Everything was moving faster and faster. It was a lot for the onlookers to take in.

In the past, the isolation belt had separated the Yellow Cosmos from the outside worlds

hea explained.

"Masters, I know how to help you become genuine divine gods,"

Austin said.

Austin would really be helping them if they wanted this.

Parker and Alethea used to be the leaders of the gods of light in the three thousand big and small universes.

They also have a respectable reputation on Earth.

And at present, they had a very high status in the three thousand big and small universes.

Their downfall was that they were not as strong as they needed to be.

"What did you say, Austin? You can help us become genuine divine gods?"

Doubt was written on both of their faces.

Genuine divine gods were super powerful beings. It was impossible for ordinary people to become genuine divine gods just like that.

"Yes, masters. I'm telling you the truth,"

Austin said with a smile.

Before Parker and Alethea could respond,

Austin waved his hand and produced two Divine Accomplishment Fruits. They flew and landed in the hands of Parker and Alethea respectively.

"Masters, this is the Divine Accomplishment Fruit. If you eat it, you will become a genuine divine god directly.

I'll tell you how to do this..."

Austin explained to Parker and Alethea how to eat the Divine Accomplishment Fruit properly through a spiritual sense message.

"Austin, is it true?! I can't believe it!"

Looking down at the fruits, Parker and Alethea were so shocked that they couldn't say anything more. It was like they were penniless beggars and Austin had handed them each a large sum of money.

After a short period of time,

they came out of their trances.

"Thank you so much, Austin!"

Parker and Alethea bowed to Austin politely.

Then they left with the Divine Accomplishment Fruits, ready to cultivate in seclusion and reach their upcoming breakthroughs.

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