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   Chapter 4189 Return To The Yellow Cosmos

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At the same time in the three thousand big and small universes,

there was an independent secret space room deep in the void.

Within the room, Austin sat cross legged and his eyes were closed as he focused on cultivating.

At the moment, he was learning the three original chaotic laws, namely the law of polarity, the law of life, and the law of thunder.

Thanks to the statue master, Austin's Soul Sea already had the seeds of these three laws.

If Austin could successfully comprehend the three original chaotic laws, his chance of success in cultivating them would increase.

While he was cultivating in seclusion, the entirety of the three thousand big and small universes had their plates full.

All the divine gods were busy going to all universes, worlds, and stars to tell everyone their plan.

After much thought, Austin and Santos decided that if Humphrey attacked the three thousand big and small universes and they couldn't defeat him, they would escape with everyone to somewhere else.

Thanks to the instructions Santos gave, all the divine gods went to tell the creatures to prepare to leave their hometown at the drop of a hat.

All the mortal creatures everywhere were informed about the plan.

While everyone was rushing around like headless chickens, Austin sat cross legged in the depths of the void and was busy meditating on the laws.

Suddenly, his concentration was interrupted.

"Austin, should we also take away the creatures in the Yellow Cosmos, especially those on Earth?

The Yellow Cosmos has always been isolated from the outside,

so the creatures there haven't seen a divine god since ancient times.

If divine gods enter the Yellow Cosmos or Earth, I'm sure the creatures there will be terrified."

Parker's voice reached Austin without any problem.

Since Parker lived on Earth before, there were many legends about him.

That was why the Earth had a special place in his heart. He couldn't help but show more concern about this planet than anywhere else.

Moreover, he could vaguely guess Austin also had something to do with the Earth,

so he brought his concerns about Earth to Austin.

After receiving Parker's message, Austin immediately put his cultivation on hold

ally do that?"

Parker gaped in shock.

Even Alethea and the other divine gods turned to look at Austin with shock on their faces. None of them could believe their ears.

Lots of material resources, manpower, and time were put into setting up the isolation belt outside the Yellow Cosmos.

Thanks to all those preparations, the isolation belt was very powerful.

The isolation belt outside Earth was even set up by Parker and Alethea together with several powerful gods of light themselves. Its power was nothing to sneeze at.

Both Parker and Alethea wouldn't be able to destroy these two isolation belts by themselves.

However, Austin's casual offer made it sound like it was a piece of cake.

"It's true that you're much stronger than us.

However, it isn't that easy to destroy these two isolation belts.

How about we study them carefully first? Let's work together to find a way to destroy them without hurting the creatures inside,"

Alethea suggested.

"Alethea's right. These two isolation belts won't be easy to destroy.

They're very powerful thanks to all the resources, energy, and time we spent on them.

You can't destroy them alone."

"That's right. Let's make a plan before we take action."

Even the other divine gods couldn't help but chime in with their own two cents.

"Please just trust me,"

Austin reassured, a smile tugging at his lips.

Without any hesitation, he headed straight towards the isolation belt outside the Yellow Cosmos.

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