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   Chapter 4188 A Mysterious Stein

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"Master Stein, just because you saw countless creatures knelt down before Humphrey

doesn't mean that Humphrey will rule the Sea of Chaos.

Already, multiple creatures have been taken as his slaves.

What you predicted must have been them.

There is a still a chance you are wrong and we will not let him get what he wants,"

a governing god said with a snort.

"He is right.

No matter what, we refuse to sit by and watch Humphrey take everything from us.

If he wants to control the Sea of Chaos, he will have to get past us first,"

another governing god said.

Stein grunted and tried to stand. Immediately, the two children rushed to him and helped.

"I have tried my best to tell Humphrey's fortune as you asked.

I have no intention of getting involved into the matters in the Sea of Chaos.

Everyone, I will take my leave,"

he said.

Stein had never sided with any forces in the Sea of Chaos or made enemies with them.

He acted indifferently towards the Sea of Chaos.

He only helped when asked and still kept his reservations.

"Master Stein, Humphrey is a threat to the Sea of Chaos. He is our enemy.

You are part of this too. I think you should join us in the fight,"

a governing god said to Stein abruptly.

"I agree with him.

Master Stein, if you agree to help us,

you can join one of our forces as a superior elder.

You will enjoy the same perks as we do,"

another governing god proposed.

As they waited his answer, the five governing gods stared at Stein full of expectation.

Stein was an eminent prophet.

It was said that all the fortune reading techniques were passed down from him.

Stein could predict anything,

meaning all forces wanted him on their side.

Even the leaders of the super forces respected him.

They often v

On top of that, the Fallen Divine Valley has his back.

Did you forget that there are several places in the Sea of Chaos where even I can't make predictions?

I told you not to try either.

The Fallen Divine Valley is one of them.

In the ancient times, I tried to predict things about the Fallen Divine Valley.

As soon as I started, an invisible force appeared and almost killed me.

Since then, I have stopped spying on the Fallen Divine Valley,"

Stein said.

"Is Austin a dangerous person?"

a child asked in confusion.


So, you'd better not predict things about the Fallen Divine Valley or Austin. Do you understand?"

Stein asked the children.

"Yes, master. We understand."

The two kids nodded their heads.

"The beast race and the Divine Corpse Palace are mysterious.

The underworld also causes me trouble.

They are hidden from me

and I may never learn their secrets.

With that being said, Humphrey may try to rule the Sea of Chaos but he will not do so without kickback.

Either way,

the Sea of Chaos is about to enter its most turbulent period,"

Stein said with a sigh.

"Master, you are right,"

the two kids responded with a nod.

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