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   Chapter 4187 Tell Humphrey's Fortune

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Deep in the Sea of Chaos,

there was a hidden space.

It was a small world.

There were tall mountains, winding rivers, bubbling spring water, and singing birds all over. It was quiet and picturesque.

On the side of one of the beautiful hills, a white-bearded, old man sat cross-legged, bathing in the sun.

On either side of him, a child was crouched, making tea.

In front of him, five creatures shrouded in a mist made of mysterious laws were sitting on the ground, waiting.

They were the governing gods.

After a few more moments of unbearable silence, one of the governing gods opened his mouth.

"Master Stein,

I need to tell you something. I think that Humphrey and Ronnie are the same person.

Do you know where he is from

and what his real strength is?

What do you think the odds of him ruling the Sea of Chaos are?"

he asked, sitting forward.

Stein leaned back and thought about it for a moment.

The governing gods of several super forces had come to him since he could read other's futures and pasts. If anyone could answer their questions, it was Stein.

"I've never known Humphrey.

He is brimming with secrets.

I don't know if I have the capability to tell his fortune,

but I can try,"

Stein said slowly.

"Master Stein, if you can't do it, then no one in the Sea of Chaos can help us,"

another governing god said.

"Ha-ha! Don't flatter me. I know myself well.

I am working on it,"

Stein replied.

After a few moments, he lifted his palm and it emitted five different colors of light. The five governing gods leaned closer and their eyes grew big. It was a glowing horn.

"It's the chaotic five-colored rhino's horn!"

one of them exclaimed in utter surprise.

The chaotic five-colored rhino was a legendary beast.

It lived in the Absolute Space Sea.

They were s


'Damn it. There is no other way for us to find out more about this Humphrey.

Master Stein can usually read anyone's fortune in the Sea of Chaos.

He even has the ability to get information about the supreme universes.

He was the one who located the supreme universe in the Ninth Evil Valley.

However, he can't read Humphrey.

Obviously, Humphrey's background is very complicated,

and he possesses terrifying power,' the governing gods thought to themselves.

"That means

we've got a serious problem,"

one of the governing gods said with a frown.

"Master Stein, you saw Humphrey's future. Do you think that means he will rule the Sea of Chaos?"

another governing god asked.

"Well... it's hard to say.

But I did see lots of creatures in the Sea of Chaos kowtowing to Humphrey,"

Stein replied.

"So, Master Stein, what do you think of Humphrey's strength?"

the third governing god inquired.

"Everyone, with all due respect,

Humphrey is far stronger than you,"

Stein replied.

For the first time in minutes, the five governing gods all fell silent.

They didn't think Stein would make a mistake, which could only mean bad things for them and everyone else in the Sea of Chaos.

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