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   Chapter 4186 The Panic In The Sea Of Chaos

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"Great! Now that you've comprehended the law of causality, you can practice the Shadowless Movement,"

the statue master informed Austin.

Austin started practicing immediately.

Since he had already grasped the law of time, law of space, law of reincarnation, and the law of causality, it was not difficult for him to cultivate the Shadowless Movement.

And because his statue master was a god of chaos, he could spend less time and energy and do a better job.

"Master, I have succeeded in cultivating the Shadowless Movement!"

Austin exclaimed after a few hours.


With your current strength, you can cultivate any secret skill you want. The key is to comprehend it first.

As long as you comprehend it, cultivating will take less time.

Now that your body, energy, law power, and spiritual soul have all reached a very high level,

you will have next to no obstacles in your way,"

the statue master said with a smile.

"That's true.

Comprehension is the first step. I need to understand it before I can practice it. I can master anything using this tactic."

Austin nodded in realization.

After three days,

Austin had put this into practice and successfully mastered both the Ultimate Mind Sword Skill and the Shadowless Movement.

These two secret skills were so powerful that

they almost doubled Austin's fighting power.

The Ultimate Mind Sword Skill was his favorite. It was the combination of the Mind Sword Skill and the swordsmanship.

Once he launched an attack with it,

it was invisible as the Mind Sword Skill and

had the destructive power of a sharp sword.

"Austin, now that you can perform the Ultimate Mind Sword Skill and the Shadowless Movement using your great cosmos force, no ordinary governing god in the Sea of Chaos can defeat you.

However, Humphrey isn't an ordinary governing god.

You need to use caution with him.

If you can't defeat him, just run away.

The Shadowless Movement can help you escape but it may still be difficult and you need to be careful,"

the statue reminded Austin.

"Thank you for teaching me, master. I will never forget yo

ing gods couldn't perceive Austin when he passed by them.

"This is going to come in handy."

Filled with excitement,

Austin flexed his legs and

raced back to the three thousand big and small universes.

'Now if I use the Shadowless Movement, I can freely explore the Sea of Chaos,'

Austin thought with a smile.

The moment he entered the three thousand big and small universes, news was waiting for him.

Humphrey was leading an army and they were headed for the Sea of Chaos!

Anyone who refused to bow to him would lose their life and their home would be turned to dust.

They had also learned that his main target was the six super forces!

"Austin, the situation is rather critical.

Humphrey could come to the three thousand big and small universes at any time,"

Santos said, rocking back and forth on his toes anxiously.

"I know.

That's why I came back. We have to prepare."

Austin nodded.

A day later,

another piece of news regarding Humphrey reached Austin's ears.

Most forces had begun to surrender to him

but a small amount had resisted.

However, they were not victorious. He had wiped them all out with a single slap.


Humphrey had formed an incredibly huge palm and brought it down on them.

It was said his huge palm was like a beast's claw. It contained massive amounts of power.

After the news spread, the entire Sea of Chaos was filled with panic.

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