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   Chapter 4185 The Law Of Causality

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"That's right.

The day that our master's enemy arrives, we can't fight.

We have to escape.

What our master means, Austin, is that you should run with us

and leave the Sea of Chaos,"

the sky-devouring dog explained.

"I should leave the Sea of Chaos?"

Austin asked, staring at the sky-devouring dog and the statue with wide eyes. The rest of his body felt frozen in place.

To be honest, Austin had no interest in leaving.

The Sea of Chaos, especially the three thousand big and small universes was where Austin became the skilled cultivator he was today. It was his home.

Leaving one's home was always bittersweet.

Plus, he had a lot of people to take care of.

"But don't worry about it now. Maybe things will be all right.

If he never finds me,

we can stay in the Fallen Divine Valley.

That way, the Sea of Chaos wouldn't suffer an annihilation either.

But we still have to be careful.

Everyone should be prepared to leave,"

the statue said.

"Got it."

The twelve zodiac animals and Austin all nodded in agreement.

"Master, since Humphrey is so strong, what should I do to defeat him?"

Austin asked.

This was a good opportunity to ask his statute master what to do, so he wasn't going to waste it.

Despite his master staying in the square all day long, it could perceive the whole Sea of Chaos at any time it wanted.

Nothing could slip past it.

"Humphrey is far more powerful than an ordinary governing god.

And I heard that he has obtained the body of a chaotic sky-devouring beast.

The chaotic sky-devouring beast is a powerful beast from the Absolute Space Sea. It has thick skin and strong physical strength. Ordinary governing gods can't withstand a single blow from this beast,"

the statue explained.

"A chaotic sky-devouring beast..."

Austin had never heard of such a creature before. He stopped to imagine it for a moment.


Humphrey must have found the egg of the chaotic sky-devouring beast.

I believe he had transferred his spiritual soul into the egg, occupied the embryo, and hatched out of it. This is the only way he could have possessed a body of the

Sea will explode.

I will help you protect your Soul Sea but it is still up to you to stop the process when it's time,"

the statue master warned, shooting him a serious look.

"I understand."

Austin nodded.



his Soul Sea was filled with a huge amount of complicated and mysterious information.

It was like his Soul Sea had grown twice the size.


Austin gathered all his spiritual soul energy and spiritual sense and began comprehending the massive amount of information pouring into his Soul Sea.

He had to focus so hard that it caused him pain from time to time.

Austin also lost consciousness many times throughout the process.

Fortunately, the spiritual tree, spiritual heart, spiritual dragon, and the Chaotic Ice Lotus were constantly releasing energy to protect Austin's Soul Sea from exploding.

Finally, after a day of suffering, Austin held up a hand.

"Master, my comprehension of the law of causality seems to have reached its peak.

I think it's time to stop,"

Austin uttered.


The statue master immediately withdrew all the information about the law of causality from Austin's Soul Sea.

In an instant, Austin felt refreshed and energetic.

"Very good! Your understanding of this law has reached the Rudimentary Stage,"

the statue master praised.

Austin had reached the Rudimentary Stage of comprehending the law of causality!

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