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   Chapter 4184 The Real Threat

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Austin knew that his avatar had been destroyed.

At that moment, Austin received a message in his Soul Sea.

This message was sent by the avatar before it burst to pieces.

It contained everything that happened in the Heaven Roc Universe Community.

'Booyah! Just as I expected, Humphrey is indeed Ronnie. That son of a bitch!

Based on how arrogant he has become, I can't imagine how powerful the current Ronnie, or Humphrey, will be with his comeback.'

Austin couldn't help but strain with a frown.

'It's inevitable. A fight will surely break out in the Sea of Chaos sooner or later.

If he plays his cards right, Humphrey could possibly and eventually rule the entire the Sea of Chaos,

but I am almost certain that the super forces, especially the beast race, will not let that happen without a fight! After all, they may still have their trump cards to deal with Humphrey.

One thing is for sure. The Sea of Chaos won't be peaceful anymore,'

Austin thought to himself and his face grimaced at the thought of the turbulent times ahead.

'Hopefully, the three thousand big and small universes can survive this imminent pandemonium.'

Austin let out a heavy sigh,

as he told Santos about Humphrey.

Upon hearing the news, Santos couldn't help but frown with worry.

"I never thought that Humphrey could be so terrifying.

In that case, the Grand Geomancy Array might not be able to stop him.

Austin, it seems that we really need to make preparations to retreat at any time,"

Santos said with resignation.

"I agree.

Once the situation turns unfavorable, I can transport all creatures of the three thousand big and small universes out of here.

It's a monumental task, but it can be done. At present, this is the only solution."

Austin looked a bit disappointed.

"I have alerted all creatures to make full preparations,"

Santos added.

Transporting all the creatures of the universe community from here,

this was a method that only Austin could dare to adopt.

It was an unprecedented monumental task.

Thanks to the more than one-hundred human worlds within Austin's body,

this method was sure to work.

At that moment,

"Austin, come to the Fallen Divine Valley if you're available."

Through his spiritual sense, Austin suddenly received a message

uy was in a bad mood, he might thoughtlessly destroy the Sea of Chaos.

It's highly possible,

because our master has been hiding in the Sea of Chaos all these years.

So it's very likely for him to destroy this place."

The sky-devouring dog sighed helplessly.

"Oh no!

It seems that a god of chaos is going to annihilate the entire Sea of Chaos!

There will be a massive slaughter of all the creatures in the Sea of Chaos."

Austin's scalp tingled at the thought.

To be targeted by a god of chaos meant certain death.

"It's highly possible,

since lives mean nothing to someone like him,"

the statue said with melancholy.

"That being said, Humphrey is not the biggest threat to the Sea of Chaos.

It's that god of chaos!"

Austin concluded.

Even if Humphrey conquered all the forces and ruled over the Sea of Chaos, at least this place would still remain intact.

Death would be minimal, for his intention was to rule over the creatures.

The purpose of a god of chaos was to turn the entire Sea of Chaos into ruins, and to wreak havoc and death unto all living beings.

"Master, what should we do then?"

Austin asked his statue master.

"There is no perfect plan.

We will have to play it by ear.

I decided to tell you because you have the strength that is equivalent to a governing god. It's time for you to know about it,

and of course, to prepare for it.

When the day comes, our only choice is to escape.

There is no other way,"

the statue master carefully explained to Austin.

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