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   Chapter 4183 Explosion Of The Avatar

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As the creatures who entered the Heaven Roc Universe Community witnessed how Humphrey killed countless creatures without mercy, they were freaked out and immediately surrendered to him.

They knew that their only way to live another day was to swear their loyalty towards this man.

In fact, even semi-governing gods were like tiny pitiful insects in front of Humphrey.

"Greetings, master!"

numerous creatures in the Heaven Roc Universe Community said in chorus as they knelt and bowed before him.

At the same time, Humphrey floated in the air with his hands behind his back. He glanced at the crowd while slightly nodding. His calmness was so natural as though he took it for granted that every creature should recognize him as their master.

While Humphrey was gathering all of his newly-acquired servants,

the senior members of the heaven roc race convened within the cosmos where they hid.

"Sir, it seems like Humphrey has gained control over the Heaven Roc Universe Community.

All the creatures have unanimously surrendered to him," a core member said to their chief.

"Sir, this might be a good opportunity. This way, we don't have to escape anymore!" another one exclaimed.

The senior leaders of the heaven roc race were actually overjoyed.

"Well, it looks like I have underestimated his strength. I didn't expect that he would easily control so many creatures right off the bat.

With his current strength, even the governing gods might not be his match," the chief of the heaven roc race speculated.

He was a semi-governing god who had already lived for a long time. Nonetheless, Humphrey's display of power had shaken his whole being.

The chief was lucky enough to have met some governing gods.

However, even he could easily tell that none of them could be on a par with Humphrey. He was sure that they would be crushed even if they joined hands and fought Humphrey at the same time.

"Hmm. Maybe you're right. It's a great opportunity for our race.

Right now, we are in an embarrassing position in the Sea of Chaos.

Yes, we are weaker than the six super forces, but we are definitely stronger than those small forces that have become active as of late.

If we just hide here forever, we may never redeem ourselves… but that changes now.

All we need is to butter up Humphrey.

Perhaps, there's still a chance for us to rise again.

We can even become a super force in the Sea of Chaos!

After all, Humphrey has the capacity to do that," the chief said excitedly as his eyes lit up.

"Sir, what are you planning to do, then?"

The senior members of the heaven roc race all stared intently at their chief.

"Well, our race is the first one to surrender to Humphrey.

If he can truly rule the entire Sea of Chaos, then we will certainly outrank the other races and forces. We will ha

o resist, I guarantee that it won't end well with you,"

Humphrey said with a devious grin on his face.

At this point, he had already recognized that these avatars belonged to Austin and the other governing gods.

After all, he had dealt with them before.

There was no way he wouldn't recognize Austin's and the governing gods' auras.

Even at first glance, he could fully identify them.

'Damn, it's impossible for me to defeat him. Even if all the avatars of the governing gods fight him together, I don't think it will make a difference.

In this case, it's better to end this myself,'

Austin's avatar thought to himself.

After quickly thinking, he gritted his teeth and made his decision.

The very next second,

his body and spiritual soul exploded with a bang.

However, before he took his own life, he sent a message to his real body using a secret skill. It contained all the information that he managed to acquire in this mission.

Right after Austin's avatar ended his life, the avatars of the other governing gods also did the same.

They made themselves explode, turning them into nothingness.

"Humph, cowards!"

Humphrey snorted coldly with a sullen expression on his face.

"Round up all of our men. We're going to set out tomorrow.

We will destroy all the races and forces that will refuse to surrender and acknowledge me.

That includes the six super forces," Humphrey commanded in a stern voice.

"Yes, sir!"

all the creatures in the Heaven Roc Universe Community replied snappily.

Meanwhile, in the three thousand big and small universes, which was far away from the Heaven Roc Universe Community,

Austin was sitting in the void with his legs crossed.

He was in deep meditation when something unexpected happened.

Out of the blue, his body shook slightly.

Then, he instantly felt that he had lost a portion of his energy.

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