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   Chapter 4182 Surrender

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"Who the hell is this old guy? He's a freak!"

"Ha! He's way too arrogant!

Did you hear that? He wanted us to be his slaves!"

"Who on earth would agree to that?!"

Most of the creatures were enraged by what the old man said. However, some of them were shocked and a bit confused.

"Hey, old man. Did you just say you're Humphrey?"

"Humphrey? The one who claimed to rule the Sea of Chaos?"

Finally, some creatures began to speculate the real identity behind this old man in black.

"That's right. I am Humphrey.

And from now on, I shall rule the Sea of Chaos.

That means right now, you shall be my slaves.

So, go ahead. Kneel before me. All of you!"

Humphrey said in a firm and cold voice.

"What the hell?! This old man is Humphrey?"

"Yeah, I knew about it. He once declared that he will rule the Sea of Chaos!"

"What? This old man is just insanely ambitious!

Even if he is extremely strong, do you think he can take all of us?

Rule the Sea of Chaos? Is he planning to challenge all the creatures of the Sea of Chaos alone?

I'll bet that we can take him down if we all fight together!"

Several creatures just scoffed at the thought that Humphrey could really make them yield. They even threw curses and insults at the old man.

Although the pressure and aura released by Humphrey were very terrifying, he was still on his own.

Right now, there were even semi-governing gods in the crowd. They all thought that they could easily overwhelm him with their sheer number and combined strength.

No matter how powerful he was, it wouldn't be possible for him to resist all of their attacks at the same time.

With this way of thinking, the creatures present no longer felt afraid of him. They were prepared to fight him once he made his move.

Meanwhile, Austin was able to sense Humphrey's enormous power from a distance.

"This is just insane! He's too powerful!

If I am to face him directly, I think I will actually feel suffocated!"

Austin clenched his fist in shock.

At the same time, a few other mighty creatures were also able to perceive Humphrey's presence and power. Their faces became serious as they tried to focus and gauge his prowess.

"As I said, you are now my slaves. How dare you lowly beings talk back to me like this? Are you tired of living?"

Humphrey threatened them in a calm voice.

He had been rather cold since he showed up and insisted on his authority over all of them.

After all, he considered himself far too superior compared to these creatures that looked like trash in his eyes.

He looked down at them con

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

A vicious force blew in all directions.

Boom! Boom!

Wherever this surging force went, it kept exploding and roaring, destroying everything in its path.


Countless creatures' bodies exploded into ashes in an instant before they could even resist.

Obviously, they had no chance of getting away from such a monstrous entity.

They were like insects before him that could be easily trampled upon.

He didn't even need to exert a little effort to kill all of them.

"His power is otherworldly!"

Even Austin was fascinated by what he sensed.

At this time, he knew that Humphrey must have been Ronnie all along.

But right now, it didn't really matter if it was Ronnie or not.

He had already guessed that the real Ronnie must have died a long time ago.

After that, an unknown old monster had occupied Ronnie's body and made it his own.

That monster should be Humphrey.

"Sir, please no more!

We already surrender!"

Finally, after realizing that death was their only option if they didn't succumb to Humphrey, all the remaining creatures gave up resisting and yielded to him.

Immediately after,

the void of the Heaven Roc Universe Community was densely packed with creatures that were kneeling and bowing in front of Humphrey.

Although they didn't really want to submit, they had no other choice.

For them, it was much better than to be killed off that easily.

They had done everything to improve themselves, and thus they wouldn't let their lives be wasted just like that.

"Master, we surrender!

Please forgive us!"

"We'll be your loyal slaves from now on!"

The voices of countless creatures shook the entire Heaven Roc Universe Community.

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