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   Chapter 4181 Humphrey's Appearance

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A loud cheer rose from the crowd as they caught sight of a few powerful masters.

However, even the strongest ones among them were merely semi-governing gods.

Not a single governing god was part of that group, which meant that it was ridiculously under-powered.

Austin was also in the crowd. He scowled at the sight instead of cheering.

'Why are these idiots trying to provoke Ronnie? They are courting death. Those masters can't hope to stand against him even for a second.'

Austin shook his head.

"Members of the heaven roc race, come out!

Members of the heaven roc race, come out!

Members of the heaven roc race, come out!"

Someone initiated a chant and the crowd followed suit.

Numerous creatures roared in unison. Their loud and powerful chants began rolling into the Heaven Roc Universe Community from all directions. Very soon, every single member of the audience had joined and the uproar became more violent than ever.

The entire Heaven Roc Universe Community began shaking violently.

And yet, there was no response from the Heaven Roc Universe Community.

Silence was the response the chants received, and no one came out.

Meanwhile in the Heaven Roc Universe Community,

their patriarch, senior leaders, and various other clansmen were huddled together, ready to fight their way out if the situation became dire.

They had neither the plans nor the courage to fight the incalculable number of creatures outside head-on.

In the Roc Cosmos, Humphrey had remained silent.

The patriarch had sent messages to the Roc Cosmos several times but had received no response. It was clear that they were on their own.

"All right everyone. This is it... Get ready.

Once those creatures get in here, we must escape immediately!"

The patriarch sent a secret message to his clansmen.

"The heaven roc race does not have the courage to face us today! Let's force our way in.

We are going to get an explanation from them no matter what!"

"Right! Let's get inside and destroy the Heaven Roc Universe Community!"

Finally, the creatu

hey could easily smash it into pieces.

And then suddenly,

their plans were waylaid.

"Shut up, all of you!"

A faint voice rose from the Roc Cosmos.

Although the voice was faint, it contained a terrible law power which drowned the voice of every single creature in the Heaven Roc Universe Community.

A powerful pressure then spread out of the Roc Cosmos and covered them in an instant.

It was a chilling and fearsome pressure, which made everyone feel like they had fallen into an ice cellar.

"Kneel! Kneel in front of me right now.

I, Humphrey, am your master from now.

You will be my slaves and work for me.

This is a great honor for you,"

the voice continued.

As the creatures watched in horror, an old man slowly walked out of the Roc Cosmos. His hands were put behind his back and his black robes gave him the grace of an ageless master.

He seemed full of magic.

The space around him was slightly distorted, and even light wouldn't follow a straight path near him. It was as if the very concepts of time, space, and energy wanted to escape from him.

As soon as someone's eyes landed on him, they would feel their hearts tremble and then an involuntary impulse would spread through their bodies. They would feel an urge to kneel and surrender.

The very presence of the old man had scared the onlookers.

They wanted to surrender to him.

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