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   Chapter 4180 Trapped In A Dilemma

Rebirth of Martial God By Smoke Characters: 8556

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"We demand an explanation from the heaven roc race!

If they refuse, we shall destroy their existence once and for all!"

"Do we still need to wait? The heaven roc race is acting recklessly and lawlessly. I suggest that we attack them now!"

"That's right! Bring the heaven roc race down!"

Chaos had suddenly erupted in the Sea of Chaos when large groups of people from all directions began to make their way towards the Heaven Roc Universe Community.

As the news spread and reached more places, more and more forces and creatures extended their support and joined the crusade.

Because of this, countless creatures could be found rapidly approaching the Heaven Roc Universe Community to seek for justice.

Not long after, almost every void in the Sea of Chaos was densely packed with creatures. Their only goal was to smoke the heaven roc

master of the heavenly elephant race is also here!"

Some creatures cried as soon as they realized the identity of the fat man.

"Ha-ha! So, where is the heaven roc race? I heard that they're going to be the new ruler of the Sea of Chaos. So, I'm here to see if they can make me bend my knee!"

A black robe floated and fluttered in the air, making it very visible in front of everyone. It made a harsh sound that easily caught the crowd's attention.

Strangely enough, the black robe seemed to be empty, and nothing or no one could be seen in it.

The black robe just continuously floated black and forth.

"The master of the stygian race is also here!

Their race just usually lives in seclusion and rarely appeared in public.

I didn't expect that they will also come here!"

another creature screamed as he was taken by surprise.

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