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   Chapter 4179 Arousing The Public's Indignation

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"Human worlds?!"

Santos stared in shock at more than a hundred human worlds in Austin's body.

"Even a governing god can't develop so many human worlds!

Besides, each human world in your body has become a real world, a perfect world for living beings.

You must have practiced a very mysterious cultivation method.

Is it the Introduction to Vital Energy Circulation?"

Santos questioned, his eyes gleaming with interest.

Since Santos was born in the three thousand big and small universes in ancient times, he was very familiar with the place and even heard about the Introduction to Vital Energy Circulation at some point.


Master, you really are experienced and knowledgeable. You can get it in one go,"

Austin replied with a quick nod of his head.

"Very impressive,"

Santos sighed in admiration.

"Master, do you think the human worlds in my body can hold all the creatures in the three thousand big and small universes?"

Austin asked curiously.

"It might work.

But there is another way. You can put some creatures into spatial magic treasures, then put those treasures into your body as well.

If you do that, your body can accommodate more creatures,"

Santos suggested after a moment's thought.

"You're right!

That's a great idea.

I'll send some people to the Sea of Chaos to buy a lot of high-grade spatial magic treasures.

The more, the merrier.

If we do it like that, I'll be able to contain more creatures.

If the situation worsens and the three thousand big and small universes become a lost cause, I'll escape quickly with all the creatures,"

decided Austin.

"That seems to be the best way for now,"

Santos agreed.

"I'll send some people to buy a lot of spatial magic treasures immediately,"

he added.

In the next moment, a large number of people were quietly sent out of the three thousand big and small universes to the Sea of Chaos so they could purchase all the high-grade spatial magic treasures they could get their hands on.

All the divine gods in the three thousand big and small universes were as busy as b

lly that strong?"

"I don't think so.

Although the six super forces have significantly weakened and shut their doors tightly,

the heaven roc race is still not worthy enough to get mentioned in the same breath!

It's impossible for them to rule the Sea of Chaos!"

"I won't surrender to them no matter what!"

"Let's go to the heaven roc race and demand an explanation.

How dare they make such an announcement? Do they honestly think they're more powerful than the six super forces?"

Countless creatures and forces turned their gaze to the heaven roc race.

With a single announcement,

the heaven roc race became the common enemy of the entire Sea of Chaos.

Although they were a powerful force,

at least a dozen more forces in the Sea of Chaos could equal their power.

Since these forces were on par with them in strength, they naturally weren't convinced when they heard that the heaven roc race wanted to rule the Sea of Chaos.

Soon, many forces began to unite and send their people to surround the Heaven Roc Universe Community.

All of them joined hands to demand an explanation.

"Let's go to the Heaven Roc Universe Community together and ask for a clarification!"

More and more forces moved towards the Heaven Roc Universe Community together as the word spread throughout the Sea of Chaos.

Obviously, the heaven roc race had aroused the public's indignation.

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