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   Chapter 4178 Discuss The Solutions

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"So what if he's Ronnie?

Humph! Is he really that arrogant to think that the demon race is afraid of him?"

Gabriel snorted with disdain.

"Sir, in my most humble opinion, I think it's better if we contact the other super forces immediately to try and figure out the real identity of this Humphrey. Then we can make a plan,"

one member of the demon race suggested.

"Good idea! You were always so smart and thoughtful. Just do as you said."

Gabriel nodded in agreement.


the underworld, the Divine Corpse Palace and the Novel Court were also preoccupied with the same dilemma.

Ever since Ronnie left the Sea of Chaos and Chapman and Atticus went missing, the Novel Court took this chance to take back its former headquarters and rebuilt it.

Soon after,

the leaders of the beast race, the demon race, the underworld, the Divine Corpse Palace, and the Novel Court all gathered in a secret space located somewhere in the Sea of Chaos.

"Is it possible that Humphrey really is Ronnie?"

This question echoed throughout the space where they all convened.

"Ronnie was just an ordinary elder of the Annihilation Mountain.

It would be impossible for him to strengthen up in such a short time.

There must be a powerful monster who killed Ronnie and took his body,"

the leader of the Novel Court made a guess.

"I agree with you on this point.

This so-called Ronnie might have died a long time ago.

Is it possible that Humphrey is the one who killed him?

After all, those two have the exact same way of doing things!"

Gabriel uttered in frustration.

"I agree with you two.

Well then, what should be our next move?

If Humphrey is really the one who took Ronnie's body, then his strength isn't something to be taken lightly,"

the leader of the Divine Corpse Palace also expressed his ideas.

He was shrouded in a thick curtain of corpse mist which concealed his identity along with the surging law power of death around him.

"Anyway, one thing is clear.

We have to kill this arrogant guy named Humphrey

without any hesitation!"

Marlon, the l

es to attack us anytime.

I have a hunch that Humphrey will come here to stir trouble one day.

So, everyone, you have to keep your spirits up and always be ready to fight!"

Austin ordered his men.


All senior leaders of the three thousand big and small universes nodded in agreement.


inform all the creatures in the three thousand big and small universes to be prepared.

If we face an attack that we cannot defend one day, I would like to evacuate every creature out of here,"

Austin added.

All the divine gods were stunned at Austin's words.

There were thousands of cosmoses each with countless creatures in the three thousand big and small universes.

How could he possibly do that?

"Well, just do as I say."

It seemed that Austin didn't want to explain further.


Everyone nodded and left though they all showed puzzled looks on their faces.

"Austin, how are you going to evacuate every creature?

Even with the most brilliant spatial magic treasures that is still impossible."

Santos was also unsure about Austin's plan,

but he knew Austin well. Austin wouldn't say anything unless he was completely certain.

He was a very cautious man.

"Master, I'll show you."

Austin activated the Introduction to Vital Energy Circulation, and immediately more than one hundred human worlds in his body flashed before Santos' eyes.

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