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   Chapter 4177 Shocking News

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"What? !"

Hearing the words of the old man in black, all the senior leaders of the heaven roc race were completely stunned.

They stared at him in disbelief, unsure whether he was serious or just kidding.

He wanted to become the ruler of the Sea of Chaos. Was this a joke?

"What? You got a problem with that?"

The old man gave the chief of the heaven roc race an icy glance.

"Sir, you... Are you serious?

Do you really want to make such a claim?"

The chief was dumbfounded.

"And why not? If you wish to preserve your way of life as you know it,

send your people out to make the announcement right away.

And don't forget to tell the heads of the six forces, namely the beast race, the demon race, the underworld, the Divine Corpse Palace, the Novel Court, and the alliance, to prepare lavish gifts in five days and come to the Heaven Roc Universe Community to visit me.

If they don't do as I say, they are in for a world of suffering,"

the sinister old man added.


Again, the senior leaders of the heaven roc race were rendered speechless at the arrogance of this old man.

They had just been ordered to send their people to the six super forces and tell their heads to visit this old man in black with lavish gifts in the Heaven Roc Universe Community!

If they complied, they would set themselves against the six super forces.

This act would be considered by the forces as active offense.

And there would never be any chance of reconciliation.

If this old man in black couldn't suppress the six super forces,

the heaven roc race would also be wiped out from the Sea of Chaos.

Recently, the six super forces had been keeping a low profile and staying in their own places, not bothering anyone.

Even so, no one in the Sea of Chaos had the courage to stand up to them.

As the senior leaders gave it serious thought, they felt cold all over their bodies.

They looked at each other helplessly, not knowing what to do.

ic and the heaven roc race?

Is he a member of that race?

The heaven roc race has always been prudent. How could they let such a thing happen?"

The Sea of Chaos was abuzz as countless creatures discussed this matter.


in the Beast City,

there stood a huge palace carved with the totems of the beast race.

"Humphrey? That name does not ring a bell. But could it be Ronnie?"

Marlon, who was shrouded in strong demonic aura, asked, somewhat confused.

"It's possible.

By observation, his way of doing things is very similar to that of Ronnie.

What should we do now?"

an older member of the beast race asked.

"Contact the other super forces right away.

We have to cooperate and figure out who this Humphrey is, and what his background is before we make a plan.

Remember, we must hide our true strength and not expose it too soon,"

warned Marlon.

"Okay, I agree with you."

The older member nodded, turned around and left to contact the other super forces.


somewhere in the Demon City.

"Ha-ha! How dare that Humphrey ask me to submit to him?

He can just go to hell!"

Gabriel laughed loudly in his palace.

"Don't you think Humphrey has something to do with Ronnie?

Their ways of doing things are all too uncannily similar,"

a demon said.

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