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   Chapter 4176 The Public Announcement

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"What a pity!

I liked the Annihilation Mountain a lot. My original plans had been using it as my base camp and rule the Sea of Chaos from it. It would have been the perfect base of operations.

But alas! Now, it looks like I'll have to choose another place."

Before leaving, the old man in black took a last, lingering glance at the Annihilation Mountain.

There was a hint of pity and sadness in his eyes. However, he quickly recovered and strode towards the location of the heaven roc race's headquarters with the race's crown prince.

About an hour later,

the duo arrived on the outskirts of their destination.

The headquarters were known as the Heaven Roc Universe Community.

Its residents comprised mainly of heaven roc race members.

They were a relatively powerful force in the Sea of Chaos, and were only slightly weaker than those super forces such as the beast race, the demon race, the underworld, the Divine Corpse Palace, and the Novel Court.

The heaven roc race was also called the golden roc race.

It was a race famous for its agility, speed, and strength.

The old man in black and the crown prince went into the Heaven Roc Universe Community.

After the crown prince returned to his own territory, the fear in his heart finally faded a little. He fawned to the old man, saying,

"Sir, this is the Heaven Roc Universe Community.

It's the headquarters of our race.

My father is the leader.

Sir, I will make sure he treats you well."

The crown prince thought that after returning to the Heaven Roc Universe Community, this old man wouldn't act so recklessly anymore. His father and several other warriors were present there, so being cautious would be the natural state for the old man. The crown prince was however, unfortunately, wrong.

"The entire heaven roc race is going to be my slave.

Of course your father is going to treat me well,"

the old man responded with a smile arrogantly.


the crown prince blurted out angrily, and his rage cut off the rest of his sentence.

However, the old man ignored him.

"Leader and the senior members of the heaven roc race, come out and welcome me,"

he roared into the air.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

He must have employed some form of magic since his voice spread out with terrifying momentum in all directions.

The entire Heaven Roc Universe Community began shaking due to its vibrations.

Hundreds of cosmoses began vibrating back and forth ferociously, as if they were bird nests caught in a storm.

"Who are you?

How dare you come to our heaven roc race's territory and demand a welcome?"

"You bastard!"

Angry roars greeted the order.

Several masters rushed out from different directions.


Help me!

This old man bullied me. He also said that he w

were gone!

These two had been genuine premium-grade divine gods and had lived for a long time.

And yet, this attack had made them look like insignificant ants in front of this old man in black.

Now, no one from the heaven roc race had the courage to speak up. The leader and other senior members were staring at him with a terrified expression.

Their hearts had been rendered almost still from the fear.

Even the leader was feeling like his legs had turned to jelly.

He was a semi-governing god and much stronger than the two elders.

Even with that strength, it was impossible for him to kill those as strong as the two elders with just a flick of his fingers.

But this old man had done so with remarkable ease. Their entire race was no match for him.

"I'm not a patient man.

Make a choice now.

Defeat, or death? Do you choose slavery, or do you choose to be exterminated?"

the old man said impatiently.

"Governing god!

Sir, you are a governing god!"

the leader suddenly exclaimed in fear when he finally realized this.

Puff! Puff! Puff!

The old man flicked his fingers three times in a row, and three more senior members burst apart.

"Don't waste my time.

This is your last chance. Do you surrender or not?"

The old man looked like he had lost his patience altogether.

"We surrender!

Sir, we surrender!"

the leader shouted in a horrified tone. He knew that they couldn't hope to fight this man even if they attacked him all at once.

He also knew that the old man in black was serious when he said that he would wipe them from existence. He had the strength and the means to do so.

"Smart choice.

Send forth your men immediately and announce to everyone. From this day forth, the Sea of Chaos will be ruled by me, Humphrey!

Anyone who doesn't accept this will die,"

the old man ordered.

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