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   Chapter 4174 The Annihilation Mountain

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Currently, the Sea of Chaos was in a seemingly peaceful situation.

Almost all the super forces across the entire Sea of Chaos didn't make a move and just stayed within their lairs.

It was highly speculated that the reason behind this was that the members of the super forces were badly injured during their battle with Ronnie. Therefore, they needed time to recover and recuperate.

As for Ronnie, most of the creatures guessed that he must have been killed under the joint attack performed by the super forces.

Due to this present situation, the sects and clans, which were comparatively weaker than the hibernating major forces, started to become the new active forces in the Sea of Chaos.

"Ha-ha! Ronnie is now gone.

Not only that. All the super forces in the Sea of Chaos have been greatly weakened as well.

From now on, we're going to take control of the Sea of Chaos!"

These sects and clans competed with each other to gain authority over the Sea of Chaos.

Many of them developed at a fast rate and began to flourish in a very short span of time.

This also faintly indic

of precious divine pills. For most cultivators, it was worth risking their lives for.


in other parts of the Annihilation Mountain, the silence was almost deafening.

Somewhere in the depths of the Annihilation Mountain, in a void where it used to be a cosmos,

some fragments of the cosmos still floated in the empty space.

Within this area, several corpses belonging to divine gods, along with broken weapons and even magic treasures, could be found flowing around.

Compared to the other parts of the Annihilation Mountain, the void was completely dismal and grim.

Then, all of a sudden,

a deafening noise filled the air as the space started to ripple.

It was as if something exploded.

In fact, numerous space fragments were blasted in all directions, creating a huge mess.

Then, a moment later,

an old man in black slowly walked out of the void where the explosion just happened.


If the coordinates are correct, I should already be at the Annihilation Mountain," the old man in black murmured to himself as he wore a slight grin on his face.

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