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   Chapter 4173 A Mysterious Figure Returned

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"All right.

This looks good."

Austin nodded in satisfaction.

However, right now, the development of the Fallen Immortal Cosmos wasn't the most important thing for Austin.

At this moment, his priorities were the situation in the Sea of Chaos and the safety of the three thousand big and small universes.

This was even fueled by the uncertainty that Ronnie might come back at any time soon.

Austin had bad blood with Ronnie for a long time.

Therefore, once he returned, Austin was sure that Ronnie wouldn't hesitate to come for him and make trouble in the three thousand big and small universes.

"I guess I'll go back to the Flame Holy Land first to check how everything is going over there,"

Austin muttered to himself.

Then, in just a matter of seconds, he appeared in the sky above the Flame Holy Land's headquarters.

"It's Austin!"

Caroline, Ivy, Sue, and the three mermaids were all divine gods already. Their spiritual senses had become rather strong that they easily perceived Austin's breath and aura as soon as he appeared within the vicinity. Wasting no time, they all soared into the sky and rushed to meet him.

As the pleasant scent blew over, Austin immediately found himself being surrounded by all these beautiful ladies.


how have you been? Is everything okay?"

Austin stepped forward and gently stroked Caroline's belly.

Caroline's belly was now slightly bulged as their baby steadily grew inside her.

This baby was actually one of Austin's top concerns right now.

"I'm fine. Our child has been good. It didn't cause me any trouble at all."

With a sweet smile on her face, Caroline gently stroked her belly and rested her head on Austin's shoulder.

While Austin and the girls were still having their conversation,

a figure suddenly flashed and rushed over.

"Boy, you finally came back!

I thought you already forgot about your family!"

Austin's right ear was instantly grabbed and pulled hard by a hand.

"Hey, mom. Stop. My ear hurts,"

Austin almost screamed in pain.

He was a very tough warrior, but in the face of his mother, he was still a little boy.

"Caroline is pregnant with your child! You should take better care of her.

But what are you doing? You're always away and we seldom see you.

That's not an attitude of a good husband,"

Austin's mother said with a hint of disappointment in her voice and eyes.

At the same time, Violet also came from afar. As she saw what was happening, she couldn't help but cover her mouth with her hand as she snickered. She was definitely enjoying that her master was being scolded by his mother.

"Mom, I have no choice,"

Austin replied with a slight frown.

Currently, in the entire Sea of Chaos, Austin had been fearless. No matter who he encountered, he didn't back down. Even in the face of governing gods, he dealt with them alo

s the most important thing.

The most chaotic time in the Sea of Chaos is just about to arrive.

I expect that you'll hurry up to cultivate and improve yourself so that when that time comes, you will be able to at least protect yourself and the people important to you,"

Austin remarked.

"Yes, master. I'll always keep that in mind.

I'll never let you down.

Next, I'm going to cultivate in seclusion and try my very best to become a divine god as fast as possible,"

Kenneth said with a fiery determination in his eyes.

"Yes. That's the spirit!

Go ahead."

Austin nodded with a proud expression in his eyes.

Caroline also nodded gently at Kenneth, admiring the determination of the young man.

"Well then, please excuse me now."

Kenneth bowed to Austin and Caroline before he quickly flew away.

"That young man is so like you. He's also a fanatic when it comes to cultivation,"

Caroline said with a smile as she looked at Kenneth's receding figure.

"I know. That's why I took him as my disciple,"

Austin said with a sense of pride.

Meanwhile, while people were experiencing temporary peace,

something was going on just outside the Sea of Chaos.

An old man in black was breaking through the space barriers, trying to return to the Sea of Chaos.

"Finally! I'm back!

Prepare yourselves. This time I'll make you all bow down in front of me!"

the old man sneered deviously.

Boom! Boom!

He casually hacked forward and broke the space barriers that were hindering him.

Originally, it was pretty difficult to pass through these space barriers.

However, with the overwhelming strength of this old man, it was just a piece of cake for him.

"Just you wait. The era when I, Humphrey, shall become the supreme ruler of the Sea of Chaos will begin soon!"

The old man in black looked complacent and thrilled. There were terrifying greed and malevolence in his eyes.

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