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   Chapter 4172 Everything Was Fine

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After a while,

Austin had finally arrived at the Ice Sword World of the Ice Palace.

The first thing he heard was a loud booming laugh. "Ha-ha! Austin, you've returned! Finally!"

As soon as he sensed that Austin had stepped foot in the sword shrine deep at the Ice Sword World, Sword Son Curry laughed in delight.

He felt thoroughly exhilarated and amused.

Furthermore, he had a hunch that Austin had successfully completed the task that was entrusted to him.

"Sir! I am truly honored to have fulfilled your assignment!"

Austin turned and bowed towards Sword Son Curry right after he entered the sword shine.

With a slight wave of Austin's hand, five spiritual tablets came flying out of his human world. After that, they remained floating in front of Sword Son Curry.

"Master and four seniors! How fortunate of me to be standing in front of you once again!"

Sword Son Curry trembled with excitement at the presence of the five spiritual tablets. He immediately knelt down to kowtow. Tears were streaming down his face.

Almost simultaneously, the five spiritual tablets began quivering slightly.

"Ah, Curry! It must have been extremely tough for you all these years!"

They heard a sigh coming from Master Sword's spiritual soul tablet.

Soon after, a figure emerged out of it.

It was the figure of a lean yet hardy old man with a peaceful smile on his face.

"Oh, Master! It is really you!

No, it was not tough at all!

But I cannot deny that I have been missing you and my four seniors!"

Sword Son Curry broke into sobs. It was as though a heavy weight had been lifted off his chest. Finally, he felt like he had someone to rely on again after seeing his master's figure.

"Sir, I am honored to be in your presence!"

Austin's face turned pale and immediately bowed to the figure. He had no idea that there was a trace of Master Sword's spiritual soul hidden inside the spiritual tablet.

However, it seemed to him that its energy was rather weak.

It was barely even a wisp of spiritual soul energy. But surely, a little bit of it was attached to the spiritual tablet.

"Ha-ha! Young man, you have suffered through a lot of challenges just to get us back. For that, we are grateful!"

Master Sword glanced at Austin and gave him a faint smile.

"Master, if I may ask, where are you and the four seniors now?"

Sword Son Curry couldn't help it. He had to know whether they would still be coming back.

"Unfortunately, I don't know either.

Curry, all I can tell you for now is to just leave it up to fate.

If I were still alive, then I would return eventually,"

Master Sword gave him some words of comfort.

"But no matter what happens, I hope that you can remain strong and live on."

Master Sword said with a gentle smile.

"Master, I

usand big and small universes,"

Santos briefly informed Austin of the recent developments.

"Meanwhile, those super forces are all making thorough preparations to deal with Ronnie.

Indeed. It would be pointless for them to spend their valuable time dealing with the other forces.

As of now, Ronnie is the biggest unforeseeable trouble in the entire Sea of Chaos,"

Austin said, as he analyzed all the current information he had.

"You're absolutely right."

Santos nodded in agreement.

"Well, then. We should also start making preparations.

The three thousand big and small universes should be tightly closed off from the outside worlds until we confirm that Ronnie is dead,"

Austin declared.


Santos was in total agreement with him.

After their talk, Austin promptly returned to the Fallen Immortal Cosmos.

"Austin! You're finally back!"

Kevin appeared as soon as Austin landed on the Fallen Immortal Cosmos.

"Master Kevin! How's the Fallen Immortal Cosmos at this moment?"

Austin inquired.

"As of now, there have been more than two hundred local divine gods born here!

Speaking of divine gods, I've become one!"

Kevin reported excitedly.

"Congratulations, Master Kevin!"

Austin was genuinely happy for Kevin.

Certainly, Kevin was now an ordinary preliminary-grade divine god.

For Austin, Kevin's current ability was still too weak.

Nevertheless, Austin was still satisfied with his progress.

"Our Fallen Immortal Cosmos is now a chaotic ancient kingdom in terms of universe grade. Two hundred divine gods are still not enough.

Nonetheless, I believe there will be more in the future,"

Austin said confidently.

"That's true. Right now, the overall strength of the Fallen Immortal Cosmos is the strongest one among the three thousand big and small universes,"

Kevin said proudly.

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