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   Chapter 4171 Return To The Sea Of Chaos

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While the governing gods were still in a daze, half of Austin's body entered the space barrier.

"Damn it! He can indeed break into the space barrier!

Hurry! Don't let him get away!"

a governing god shouted.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

One by one, the governing gods entered the void and quickly approached Austin.

Some of them were from the Sword Cosmos, while the others were from the Blade Cosmos. They all wanted to catch Austin first.

By this time, however, Austin's entire body had already passed through the space barrier.

"Don't worry fools! I will come back for you all soon!

See you later!"

Austin turned around and sneered at the governing gods who were rushing towards him.

Then, with a mocking salute.


Austin disappeared from the space barrier with a snap.

"That's impossible! How could someone like that insect actually break through the space barrier?"

"No wonder he could enter the Sword Cosmos in the first place.

I thought he came in through the gate."

The governing gods could not get over what they had seen—Austin leaving through the space barrier.

The barrier of such a supreme universe was extremely solid.

Even governing gods, try as they might, couldn't break through it by force.

"Well, I see it now!

It must be with the help of Sword Son Curry.

He once ruled the Sword Cosmos.

Likewise, Master Sword also ruled the Sword Cosmos.

He and his five disciples were all very familiar with the space of the Sword Cosmos and had actually figured out a way to break through the space barrier.

But I guess it must be Master Sword who worked out the method.

He was the only one who could do that,"

a governing god speculated.

"That's the only reasonable explanation!"

the other governing gods exclaimed, nodding in agreement.

The governing god was right. The effective way to break through the space barrier of the Sword Cosmos that Sword Son Curry taught Austin was indeed worked out by Master Sword himself.

Master Sword then taught this method to his five disciples.

"Alas! He got away from us again!"

The governing gods were frustrated.

However, there was nothing they could do at that moment.

The gate of the Sword Cosmos had been sealed shut the whole time.

No one could go in or go out no matter how hard they tri

Then, it slowly faded into nothingness.

"Watch out!

The Hand of Heaven has reappeared!

Everyone, go back now! No one is allowed to leave their house from now on!"

"Close the portals of every world immediately. Creatures are only allowed to enter but not to get out!"

In the Sword Cosmos, the people closed their doors and gates in panic.


"Haha! I am back! I've finally returned to the Sea of Chaos!"

Austin emerged from a void near the entrance of the Sword Cosmos.

"I have been to a supreme universe,"

Austin sighed with satisfaction as he looked at the gates of the Sword Cosmos.

In the past, it had always been his dream to see the supreme universes and explore them.

Now, his wish was finally realized.

"I wonder if Ronnie has also returned."

Austin released his spiritual sense to scan a vast area.

"Well, it seems that everything is fine now. Ronnie hasn't come back yet.

That's good news."

After a moment of scanning, Austin breathed a sigh of relief.

"The coast is clear. I can visit Sword Son Curry now."

Austin used his bodily movement skill and headed for the Ice Palace.

Since Austin had brought with him the spiritual soul tablets of Master Sword and his four disciples, he had to hand them over to Sword Son Curry as soon as possible.

In addition, Austin also carried tens of millions of famous swords with him, intending to ask Sword Son Curry to help him melt them into a single amazing flying sword.

One could only imagine how powerful the finished sword would be.

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