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   Chapter 4170 Did We Push Him Too Hard

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"That's him!

Hurry up and catch that brat before the people of the Sword Cosmos do!

We'll torture that guy and make him tell us every secret that he knows. Let's see why so many people of the Sword Cosmos are looking for him."

The governing god of the Blade Cosmos gave the order as he spotted Austin.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

In an instant, groups of people near the gateway to the Sword Cosmos swarmed towards Austin like raging tidal waves.

There were even governing gods among them. Obviously, they were faster than the others, and they dashed towards Austin at an astonishing speed.

"I found it!"

Austin's face suddenly lit up in excitement. At this critical moment, he had finally found a weak space node.

Without wasting any time, he moved his body and rushed towards it.

"Stop right there!"

"You're not going anywhere!"

At the same time, several cultivators started arriving one after another, and eventually closed in towards Austin, like a surging stream that was about to engulf him.

Some of them were from the Sword Cosmos, while the rest of them were from the Blade Cosmos.

Among them, there were some excellent sword and blade cultivators, who were actually divine gods of the Sword Cosmos. Each of them possessed such terrifying strength that could easily wreak havoc in the area.

Before Austin knew it, he was already surrounded by a multitude of strong and capable cultivators.

"Ha, fine! You leave me no choice. I shall show you no mercy!"

Austin roared confidently.

He knew that he was in great trouble, but he didn't dare to cower in this situation.

In the distance, he perceived that there was still a large group of governing gods heading his way.

From his calculation, they should reach him after a few seconds.

Moreover, he was fully aware that he had to clear the path and make it to the weak space node before those governing gods reached him.

"Humph! Get out of my face!"

Without any hesitation, Austin started launching attacks on his enemies around him.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Streaks of extremely powerful sword light continuously shot out from his body.

Each sword light was alarmingly powerful as it contained devastating sword intent.


Almost in a flash, both the sword and blade cultivators were hit by Austin's sword aura one after another. Some of them were instantly torn apart and some were even crushed to pieces before they could even react.

Such a display of swordsmanship could only be performed by an outstanding swordsman.

Right now, ordinary sword and blade cultivators would not be able to even last a few seconds against Austin in a battle.

"You brat! How dare you lay a hand on our men?!

You're going to regret this!"

A voice suddenly resounded from

muttered with a smile on his face.

The space node that he found was weaker than those in other places. Moreover, it was at its weakest during this time.

"I need to keep moving and get past here!"

Wasting no time, Austin unleashed the secret skill, and the laws of time, space, and reincarnation to break the space barrier in front of him.

At the same time, the auras of Master Sword, as well as his five disciples, emerged from Austin's body and hurriedly enveloped him.

Master Sword and his five disciples had once dominated the Sword Cosmos, and it could be said that they had great influence over it.

Therefore, the Sword Cosmos should be able to recognize their auras.

Since Austin was shrouded in their auras, the Sword Cosmos' space barrier wasn't acting up against him.

As Austin launched his attacks, the space barrier began to tremble violently.

At the same time, the chaotic void surrounding it was shaking even more violently.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Meanwhile, the governing gods had finally caught up and appeared one by one.

"What the hell is that brat doing? Is he trying to leave through the space barrier?"

"I believe so..."

"That's one crazy bastard!

Where did he get the idea that he can even get into the space barrier of a supreme universe? He's lost his mind!"

"Did we push him that hard to resort to such insane actions?"

The governing gods couldn't help but stare at Austin with mixed emotions in their eyes. Austin's behavior left them totally confused.

It was widely known that the space barrier of a supreme cosmos was too solid that even governing gods didn't dare to try and leave the cosmos through the space barrier.

With that, these governing gods were bewildered at what Austin was doing. Most of them just obviously regarded him as some crazy idiot who had lost his mind.

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