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   Chapter 4168 Leaving

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I have to leave the Sword Cosmos and go back,"

Austin said as he stood up.

"Sir, thank you for imparting your knowledge to me!"

Austin respectfully bowed as he extended his utmost gratitude.

Master Sword left behind more than ten million notable swords. Apart from it, he bestowed the comprehension of his sword intent upon Austin. This young man couldn't express how thankful he was for this bountiful gain.

Austin bid his farewell, and he eventually left the palace. His heart could practically pounce out of his chest. He wanted to try out his newfound skill as soon as possible.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

As he stepped out, the five sword spirits simultaneously appeared.


The five sword spirits could not help but applaud in unison when they sensed the sword aura from Austin.


Austin saluted.

"What a remarkable young man. Your swordsmanship skill has significantly skyrocketed!

This proves that you are truly a genius in swordsmanship!"

the old man in yellow commended.

"Thank you, sir. I'm flattered.

Unfortunately, I have to bid you farewell since I'm leaving the Sword Cosmos,"

Austin replied.

"We understand. You do what you do, young man. And remember, no matter what happens, you are always welcome in the Sword Cosmos.

This will be a safe space for you no matter what.

In the future, you can come to the Divine Sword Mountain to cultivate.

I believe that there is no better place for you to cultivate than the Divine Sword Mountain,"

the wise elderly man in yellow suggested.

The other sword spirits also looked at Austin expectantly.

They all hoped that Austin would come back to the Divine Sword Mountain once again.

"This is very nice of you, sir.

If I have the chance, I will definitely come back to the Divine Sword Mountain to cultivate."

Austin gave them a grateful smile.

'These sword spirits are so nice to me,'

Austin thought to himself. He was quite moved.

"Bad news, young man.

The Divine Sword Mountain is currently surrounded. They're too many!

How do you plan on leaving the Sword Cosmos?"

the elder in red inquired.

"Sword Son Curry has told me the way to leave,"

Austin responded.

Before he entered the Sword Cosmos, Sword Son Curry had already predicted all the possible situations.

He had also arranged a path for Austin to leave the Divine Sword Mountain based on these circ

"Guys, do you think that Sword Son Curry has a secret escape route?"

one of the governing gods speculated.

They were so sensitive that they could perceive all kinds of things. So they found it odd that up until now, they couldn't perceive anything at all.

"That's possible!

Back then, when Master Sword ruled the Divine Sword Mountain, his five disciples could freely enter and exit the mountain.

Sword Son Curry knows the mountain very well.

They must've used some secret passage to escape our grasp!"

another governing god added.

"Let's use the laws of time and space to closely monitor this area.

With our combined forces, a secret passage around here wouldn't escape our senses!"

Rollins snorted.

"Don't underestimate Sword Son Curry.

After all, he had once ruled the Sword Cosmos.

Even if we join forces, it will be just enough to be a good match for him.

Moreover, the Divine Sword Mountain is a sacred place of the Sword Cosmos. This place holds a lot of mysteries.

So far, we don't know much about it.

We can't be too careless,"

the leader of the Sky Sword Sect analyzed.

"It's true. However, waiting here is pointless.

How about this?

Some of us go up to the Divine Sword Mountain to look for Sword Son Curry and the brat.

The others guard here. Use the laws of time and space to completely lock the area around the mountain.

With this plan, even if there is really a teleportation channel in the mountain, it can't escape our insight,"

the leader of the Xi'men Clan suggested.

"Okay. Sounds like a good plan."

The other governing gods agreed.

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