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   Chapter 4167 A Super Unbeatable Swordsmanship

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"All right!

For my last couple days, I want to reinforce my energy and absorb the great cosmos force all while comprehending the sword intent.

I can gain a lot in both aspects!"

Austin decided.

For ordinary people, progressing two skills all at once was unthinkable. Cultivation took intense focus and if they were to get distracted, it could end badly.

However, Austin wasn't worried.

After all, he had the spiritual tree, the spiritual heart, the spiritual dragon, and the Chaotic Ice Lotus in his possession. They were four well-known spiritual soul treasures. In addition, he had mastered many smart spiritual skills of the spiritual race. He could probably get away with practicing ten skills at the same time.

"Time is running out before Ronnie's return.

I have to hurry if

at mean there won't be any more swords I can use?

Well, never mind. My current sword aura is more powerful than a chaotic magic treasure.

It doesn't matter if I can't have a suitable long sword to use."

Austin shook his head and smiled bitterly.

Usually, if a cultivator had a high-level magic treasure, it would add to his combat power.

But Austin had reached a high level in strength now, so it was very difficult for him to find a magic treasure that matched his power.

"Wait a minute!

I've got tens of millions of famous swords left behind by Master Sword.

Sword Son Curry once said that he would help me melt these famous swords into a flying sword!

Once I do that, I will have a magic treasure of an unimaginably high level!"

At the thought, Austin became elated.

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