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   Chapter 4166 The Great Cosmos Force

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Immediately after the giant beast had broken out of its shell, it left the bird nest on the cliff and floated in the air.

Now that it was so large, the nest was too small.

"I love my new body.

It feels great.

If I wanted, I could accomplish lots of things with this," the giant beast said, looking down at its body.

It was like it was in love with its new form.

Once it was done admiring its vessel, it rested its eyes on the crumpled corpse in the nest.

The dead body belonged to Ronnie. He had caused chaos in the Sea of Chaos recently.

But now he had been dead for a long time. H

e the great cosmos force. There is nothing else like it."

Immediately, Austin stopped comprehending the swordsmanship. He began sensing the new energy inside him, feeling more baffled by the second.

'I know!

It's the only explanation!

The sword spirit told me that I am recognized by the Divine Sword Mountain as well as the Sword Cosmos.

So I am a part of the Sword Cosmos now.

That's why I managed to absorb the great cosmos force,'

Austin thought, smiling.


This means that I'm officially a creature of a supreme universe,"

Austin exclaimed with wild laughter.

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