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   Chapter 4165 A New Life

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From everywhere, countless legendary beasts transformed from sword lights circled around Austin's body, walking, flying, or soaring to the sky.

It was so lively.

"I guess this means that every sword aura has its own consciousness."

Austin determined while comprehending the sword intent left by Master Sword.

He spent days focused on this, while


on the Divine Sword Mountain,

the five sword spirits gathered for a discussion.

"This young man is the most talented swordsman the Divine Sword Mountain has ever seen,"

the old man in yellow said.


He is a genius when it comes to swordsmanship. There is no doubt about that,"

the old man in green replied.

"It's tempting, but we don't have to rush.

Remember, he can freely enter and leave the Sword Cosmos now.

He will come back someday.

After all, there is no other place in the Sea of Chaos that is as suitable for swordsmanship cultivation as the Divine Sword Mountain,"

the old man in red remarked.

"You're right.

Haste makes waste.

He is talented and we will revel in it.

But for now, let's just observe him,"

the old man in gray said.

"Okay. That concludes our meeting then."

The other four sword spirits nodded in agreement.

While they were talking,

fifteen governing gods were hiding in the void

outside the Divine Sword Mountain.

After several days, Rollins had managed to rebuild his body.

However, his face was still very pale. It would take him longer to fully heal his injuries.

"I hate those five old men more than anything!

They nearly killed me!

I want revenge!"

Rollins yelled, curling his upper lip.

The things that had happened to him on the Divine S


collapsed one after another.

Waves of powerful vital energy surged.

Whoosh! Whoosh!


all the energy and laws in the space were pulled into the egg until it was overflowing.

By now, most of the top of the shell had broken away.

Plop! Plop! Plop!

A strong, steady heartbeat came from the egg.

Every time its heart beat, the whole space shook with it.

The space was submitting,

like it had completely surrendered to the creature inside the giant egg.

The broken space where the giant egg was started to become chaotic.

It looked like a disaster was approaching.

The energy flowed rapidly and every minute, the heartbeat grew louder and stronger.


an explosion happened

in the bird nest.

The egg burst open.

Countless eggshell fragments flew into the sky, leaving the space riddled with holes.

The eggshell was completely broken.

"Ha-ha! I'm free!

I've got a new life!"

Laughter broke the air.

It was a giant.

Its body was even larger than one thousand planets.

Its skin was engraved with dark green runes and

its pupils were as big as two planets.

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