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   Chapter 4164 Swordsmanship Comprehension

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"Come here!"

Austin shouted as he chased one of the swords.

In this small world, every sword seemed to have its own soul, flying freely and dancing everywhere at will.

Seeing that Austin was coming for it, the long sword tried to get away immediately.

"Don't even try to get away from me!"

Austin used his bodily movement skill to speed up.

With his attainments in swordsmanship, coupled with the Secret Reincarnation Skill, and the law of time and space, Austin's bodily movement skill had become astonishingly fast. Moving as fast as a beam of sword-light, he caught up with the sword in an instant.


Noticing that Austin was about to grasp it, the sword quickly turned around and slashed at him.

"Oh! You have intelligence?"

Austin exclaimed in surprise.

Clang! Clang!

He then raised his hand and slashed out streaks of sword-light, attacking the sword.

At this point, Austin had already obtained great achievements in swordsmanship.

He had mastered a large amount of powerful sword skills.

When he raised his hand, he could employ all kinds of exquisite sword skills, sending out powerful strikes.

With just a few moves, he had beaten the sword. It turned around and retreated.

"You do have intelligence!"

Austin couldn't help but marvel at this sword because of its remarkable behavior.


The cunning sword lunged forward and began to run away again.

"Still trying to get away? No way!"

Austin shouted as he teleported himself beside it, reached out and grabbed the sword.

The sword struggled with all its might for freedom.

But Austin was ready. He immediately released the auras of Master Sword and his five disciples.

In no time, the sword calmed down and became more docile.

It was Master Sword's collection.

Master Sword was its master.

Feeling the aura of its master, it naturally became obedient.

Austin was overjoyed at this accomplishment and grabbed the sword.

"Good sword!"

he praised, patting it lightly.

The sword was far more advanced than any of the chaotic magic treasures that Austin had ever encountered.

'There are tens of millions of such swords here. How crazy is this?!

Sword Son Curry did me a great favor to allow me to take all these legendary swords,'

Austin thought to himself.

"Hah! Now, it's your turn!"

He then set his sights on another sword not very far away.


He turned into a beam of sword-light and moved towards the

-light was much better than anything that Austin had ever cultivated before!

Streaks of bright and clear sword-light rose continuously and formed a dazzling circle of light around his body, making him look sacred and eminent.

At this point, Austin's comprehension level of swordsmanship had begun to soar!

"So this is what the most brilliant swordsmanship is like!"

Austin was completely obsessed with the sword intents left by Master Sword. He would only mutter from time to time when he was being enlightened by it.


All of a sudden, a sharp sword-light gushed out of Austin's body.


The powerful sword-light contained terrible aura that could cut down everything and everyone in its way. It spread out in all directions like a surging storm.

Within a few seconds,

one of the sword auras morphed and transformed into the shape of a dragon.

The dragon-shaped sword aura was so realistic, that it was even covered with glittering scales. It exuded an ancient and wildly domineering momentum that seemed to be able to devour anything that came across it.

It did not end there.

The other sword aura had turned into the shape of a phoenix.

Like the great bird whose image it projected, it soared into the sky, making the whole world tremble with the wind shear from its wings.

In response, the rest of the sword auras also began to change form.

Some of them turned into the shape of a turtle, and some turned into the shape of a unicorn, among other great creatures.

It turned out that the sword auras gushing out of Austin's body had the ability to transform into all kinds of legendary beasts!

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