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   Chapter 4163 Taking The Spiritual Tablets Away

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"Congratulations, young man!

You have successfully passed the tests of the Divine Sword Mountain. From now on, you can enter and leave the mountain whenever you like, without any restriction,"

the old man in yellow said to Austin with a smile.

"And, now that you are recognized by the Divine Sword Mountain,

you are also a member of the Sword Cosmos.

You can freely enter and leave the Sword Cosmos and cultivate here if you like.

And, perhaps the most wonderful of all, you can cultivate on the Divine Sword Mountain,"

the old man in yellow added.

"That's right!"

the old man in green piped up, nodding his head proudly.

The other three sword servants all exchanged the looks of approval. No other young man had made it this far before.

"Are you serious?

I didn't know the benefits were this great!"

Austin cried out, cupping his face in his hands.

He had taken great efforts this time to enter the Sword Cosmos

because the supreme universe was exclusive to its own native creatures.

"Austin, this is all true.

Cultivation in a supreme universe is a dream all cultivators hold, and you've done it.

You can absorb the great cosmos force of the supreme universe,

which means that your energy base could reach higher levels. You can start to cultivate the great cosmos force now,"

Sword Son Curry added, unable to wipe the smile off his face.

"Thank you so much!"

Austin clapped his hands enthusiastically.

"All right.

Young man, it's all yours."

With that, the five sword spirits flashed Austin a faint smile and disappeared.

"You know what this means, right, Austin? Now you can enter my master's secret cultivation room and collect the spiritual tablets of my master and four seniors. Then you can take the tens of millions of precious swords and study the sword intent left by my master,"

Sword Son Curry said.


With a gush of excitement, Austin strode towards the biggest palace at the peak of the mountain.

The palace resembled a gigantic sword that was stabbed into the ground. The hilt gleamed in the sun.

Standing in front of the gateway of the palace, Austin was instantly reminded of how insignificant

ancient wooden altar.

Five spiritual tablets were organized on the altar.

They were engraved respectively with the names of Master Sword and his four disciples:

Master Sword,

Sword Son Dyer,

Sword Son Lowell,

Sword Son Goodwin,

and Sword Son Harding.

'Those are the ones I need!'

Excitement filled him. This task was definitely easier than the past ones.

"Sirs, I was entrusted by Master Sword Son Curry to take your spiritual tablets away from here.

I hope you can understand,"

Austin said as he bowed to the five spiritual tablets on the altar.

Then he released the aura of Sword Son Curry to them.

Master Sword and his four disciples were very powerful beings,

and they might still be alive.

Therefore, Austin couldn't just casually pick up their tablets and take them away.

Master Sword in particular would be difficult to deal with.

It didn't take long

for the five spiritual tablets to warm up to Austin after he released the aura of Sword Son Curry.

Austin knew that he could move these spiritual tablets now.

"Sirs, sorry to bother you."

Carefully, he teleported the five spiritual tablets into a human world in his body.

There were more than one hundred human worlds in Austin's body and each had an endless capacity.

"Okay. So the second task is to collect all these tens of millions of precious swords."

Looking at the swords flying in the air, Austin's eyes sparkled with excitement.

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