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   Chapter 4162 You Made It

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The elder in yellow opened his mouth and let out a mighty roar that

shook the Divine Sword Mountain and caused more sword aura to seep out.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The five giant swords gave off a sword light that shone as bright as the sun.

"Time Strike!"

the five sword spirits shouted simultaneously.

The air rippled around the five swords and runes related to the swordsmanship spread in all directions.


The sky, ground, water, and rock all began trembling.

By this time, the power had reached the whole Divine Sword Mountain and a large area nearby, freezing everything.

All living creatures within the area were rendered immobile.

Even the fourteen governing gods were frozen, including their energy, laws, and sword auras. What was more, they couldn't even think.

The five swords began to move,

creating a slicing sound.

They were incredibly fast, leaving streaks of dark shadows behind them.

In the blink of an eye, they had cut the fourteen governing gods in half.


Screams of distress filled the air.

Sword radiance spilled from the bodies of the governing gods along with their blood.

"It can't be!"

the fourteen governing gods screamed in horror.

Since they were governing gods, this wouldn't kill them.

The five sword spirits had no intention of taking their lives anyway.

After all, they were part of the Sword Cosmos.

If they had wanted them dead, the governing gods would have lost their lives.

A moment later, the fourteen governing gods had glued themselves back into one piece.

Their faces were pale and their eyes were wide with fright. They kept their distance this time.

The five sword spirits were waiting for them,

but they couldn't fight any longer.

Still, they were reluctant to leave like this.

"If you have the nerve to challenge us,

there will be serious consequences like this!"

the old man in yellow said indifferently.

"Whoa. I'm actually impressed by your stupidity.

Not m

ed by the sword lights.

Austin knew that these sword cultivators were not real creatures. They were actually formed by the sword light, the sword aura, and the sword intent of the Divine Sword Mountain.

Therefore, his strikes were fatal.

He had never had to fight

so many sword cultivators on his own.

He didn't even have time to take a break.

"Go to hell!

I'm going to kill you all!" Austin shouted.

His fighting spirit was strong,

allowing him to forget the pain and fatigue.

Two days passed

and Austin suddenly pulled himself together.

"I'm almost there!" he murmured to himself.

He stared at the other end of the bridge.

There were still dozens of sword cultivators floating in the air in front of Austin. They pointed their swords at him.

"Come on!"

As he was about to reach the other side of the abyss, Austin cheered up, rushed forward and pointed his sword at them.

Clung! Clung! Clung!

The deafening sound of the collision of swords filled the air.

An hour later,

Austin set foot on the other side of the bridge.

"Yes! I've finally passed all the tests," he exclaimed.

The bottomless abyss behind him vanished into thin air.

The five sword spirits and Sword Son Curry appeared in Austin's sight again.

"Austin, you made it,"

Sword Son Curry said with a smile.

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