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   Chapter 4161 The Fierce Battle

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"How dare you shout and yell when you know that the Divine Sword Mountain is a sacred place? Are you going to challenge the authority of the Divine Sword Mountain now?"

the old man in yellow shouted angrily.

The sound of robes swishing in the air sounded as

several figures flashed to his side.

The other four sword spirits had also come to stand beside the old man in yellow.

The five sword spirits were obviously angry.

"Sirs, please think twice before doing anything!"

the leader of the Ximen Clan said, stepping forward.

The other governing gods were also burning with rage and refused to give in.

On the other hand, Sword Son Curry remained calm, as if detached from everything that was happening. He stood aside, watching the drama unfold.

"Sword Son Curry, you're hiding behind the five sword spirits. You're a coward. What kind of a hero are you?

If you have the guts, stand out and face us!"

the leader of the Sky Sword Sect shouted angrily, glaring at Sword Son Curry.

"You are just a residual!

Would you like it if I ended you first?"

Rollins screamed before rushing towards Sword Son Curry, malice glinting in his eyes.

His bodily movement skill was brilliant. He moved like a sharp sword, passing through space and time as he marched forward. He would change with each step he took, making it impossible for others to accurately capture his position.


You have provoked the authority of the Divine Sword Mountain over and over again!

Do you really think the Divine Sword Mountain is a place where you can do whatever you want?"

the old man in yellow shouted angrily.


the five sword spirits simultaneously called out, their voices loud and clear.

Loud booming sounds echoed all around.

Five differently-colored swords rushed out from different directions of the Divine Sword Mountain.

The five swords, like five pillars that supported the sky, were majestic and contained a boundless power.

On the Divine Sword Mountain, an endless sword aura continued to soar into the sky, roaring and burning as they dashed and merged into the five swords.

This caused the five swords to shimmer brilliantly.


the old man in yellow then commanded as he pointed at Rollins.

In this split second, the five giant swords formed a terrifying-looking sword array and rushed towards Rollins.

Dread began t

erning gods.

"Now that you've made a move against us, I'm sorry but we have to counter you!"

The fourteen governing gods launched a joint attack. Terrifying sword auras that filled the entire space rushed forward, trying to block the sword array from the five sword spirits.

It was rare for a dozen governing gods to join hands in a fight.

As collisions occurred, loud clanging could be heard.

It continued as the

the endless sword-light engulfed the entire Divine Sword Mountain


The sword-light that this fierce battle created, splashed out of the Divine Sword Mountain.

"Aaarrgggghhhh! No! This is terrible! Run!"

People surrounding the Divine Sword Mountain were scared to death. They scattered, their formation suddenly turning into a mess.

The densely packed creatures fled into the distance out of desperation.

The sword-light continued to gush from the Divine Sword Mountain.


A number of creatures were hit by the sword-light and died almost immediately. Corpses began to fall from midair like dumplings.

Inside the Divine Sword Mountain...

The fourteen governing gods were busy fighting the five sword spirits.

The latter sat cross-legged on the ground, controlling the five swords to attack from afar.

The fourteen governing gods, on the other hand, were forced to retreat despite the fact that they were resisting using their most powerful skills.

"The Divine Sword Mountain is invincible!

You are not even qualified to come to the Divine Sword Mountain and try to show off!"

The old man in yellow barked a scolding.

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