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   Chapter 4160 Ten Governing Gods

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Austin spread his legs and stood steady. Sword cultivators were floating in front of him.

Austin was not able to fly over the abyss,

but it seemed nothing was restraining them.

Austin stood on the single plank bridge and gazed up at them.

The fight was not fair, but Austin knew that he had no other choice.

After all, it was a part of the test.

At least he would have an opportunity to test his actual combat ability.

"Come on! I'm ready!"

Austin shouted, rushing forward.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Straight away, the swordsmen unleashed numerous streaks of sword aura that shot towards Austin, narrowly missing the bridge.

To defend himself,

Austin wielded his sword while he ran, using his full strength to produce sword lights.

"Let's terminate him!"

Hundreds of thousands of sword cultivators decided to charge at him, moving in the shape of a tidal wave.

"Kill them!"

Swallowing his fear, Austin brandished his sword and created more sword lights to stop their attacks.

In an instant, the bridge was completely engulfed by surging sword light.

No one on the outside could see what was happening.

The battle lasted a long time.

There were too many sword cultivators,

and each one was very powerful.

Still, Austin managed to fight a way to keep moving.

However, he was covered in wounds.

Deep cuts were everywhere he could see and not see. Blood drenched his clothes.

Fortunately, Austin had incredibly strong physical strength that made him difficult to kill.

These wounds looked bad but he was okay.

Even if his whole body was broken into pieces, he could recover in an instant.

This was one of Austin's advantages when he fought.

"Well, he is doing better than I expected," the elder in yellow remarked.

He had been watching Austin since the test had begun.

Sword Son Curry looked calm. He had faith in Austin's strength.

Rollins and the other three governing gods also had been watching the fight between Austin and the sword cultivators. Now that he was nearing the end, anger was flaring up in them again.

While Austin battled,


of a sudden, there was a chorus of shouts on the Divine Sword Mountain. Their sound waves spread out, causing the entire Sword Cosmos to shake.

At this point, the number of the creatures from the Sword Cosmos that had surrounded the Divine Sword Mountain was incalculable.

There was no way that Austin and Sword Son Curry could fight through them all and make their escape.

"Do you think you can speak for the entire Sword Cosmos?

You give yourselves too much credit,"

Sword Son Curry snapped with a derisive sneer.

"Sir, please consider our request,"

the leader of the Sky Sword Sect pleaded as he stared at the yellow-robed elder.

"Are you threatening me?"

the elder in yellow asked, spinning around to face them.

"Sir, please don't get us wrong.

We need them and we won't give up until we get them,"

the chief of the Xi'men Clan said.

The ten governing gods had all released their aura, making them look powerful.

From what it looked like, they were preparing to fight the yellow-robed elder.

In fact, the leaders of these forces in the Sword Cosmos had been competing for the control of the Divine Sword Mountain.

The five sword spirits were the biggest obstacle that kept them from getting what they wanted.

The leaders of the forces had long been waiting for an opportunity to get rid of them,

and they could use Sword Son Curry and Austin as an excuse to do so.

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