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   Chapter 4159 The Last Test

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After walking for a few minutes up a very steep incline,

Austin and Sword Son Curry finally reached the top of the Divine Sword Mountain.

The top was flat and wide like a plain.

All over it, there were sword-shaped buildings.

As a rough estimate, there were hundreds of them.

Apart from that, there were several huge altars.

Pointing at the tallest palace in the center, Sword Son Curry said to Austin,

"That's where my master used to cultivate in seclusion."

The tip of this sword-shaped building pointed to the sky and endless sword auras poured from it.

"Inside of it, you will find the spiritual soul tablets of my master and my four seniors.

If you go deeper, tens of millions of chaotic-level swords and my master's sword intent

are also there.

So, Austin, after you enter, everything else will be simple.

You can collect everything and bring them back,"

Sword Son Curry added.

"I see."

Austin nodded with excitement and solemnness.

He sighed quietly. The journey here had been long and it wasn't over yet.

Once he completed the final test,

he could finally

take a moment to rest.

'The last test must be the most difficult one,'

Austin thought to himself, preparing himself mentally.

'But I've come so far. I can't give up now.

No matter what kind of test it is, I will try my best to pass it!'

Austin encouraged himself.

Eventually, an old man in a yellow robe slowly appeared in front of Austin. He held up his hand to stop them.

It was the final sword spirit!

"Nice to meet you, sir,"

Austin greeted him respectfully.


The old man nodded. Then he turned to look at Sword Son Curry.

"Sir, I didn't expect to see you again,"

he said with a smile.

"Me, too.

I thought I would never see this place again,"

Sword Son Curry replied, looking around slowly. A solemn sigh pushed through his lips.

He was very familiar with this pl

ith Austin's current strength, no law energy could restrain him so easily. This law energy meant serious business.

Austin walked forward step by step.

Cold fog rose from the bottom of the abyss and hovered around Austin, making him look like he was walking on clouds.

In a moment, Austin had traveled thousands of miles.

So far, nothing had jumped out to attack him.

It seemed eerily calm.

However, Austin remained cautious all the way. He released his spiritual sense to perceive everything around him.

All of a sudden,

countless figures appeared in the void in front of him.

They were all sword cultivators. Each of them carried a long sword and floated in the air. Sword auras shot up from their bodies, which was a terrifying scene.

"Young man, these are all sword cultivators.

You must kill them to pass.

Remember to stay on the bridge.

If you leave it, you will fail the test,"

the old man said.

'I must kill them!'

Austin frowned at the old man's words.

"I almost forgot to tell you that you are facing one hundred thousand sword cultivators."

Austin's eyes widened when he heard the new information.


The sword auras all around him were extremely sharp.

He quickly realized that this task

wouldn't be an easy one.

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