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   Chapter 4158 Shocking News

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As Austin and Sword Son Curry walked along the path to the top of the mountain, the four governing gods walked right at their heels.

They weren't taking any chances in letting them escape.

Outside the Divine Sword Mountain, the four major forces of the Sword Cosmos had already set up a trap for Austin and Sword Son Curry.

In addition to the Sky Sword Sect, the Xi'men Clan, the Flying Immortal Sword Sect, and the Long Sword Sect, other forces that had issues with Sword Son Curry had also sent masters to hunt him down.

After all, Sword Son Curry was an important figure.

Several forces from the Sword Cosmos had once joined to fight against him, and it ended in a draw.

If they had been alone, Sword Son Curry would have wiped them all out.

Now, he was back and was walking up the Divine Sword Mountain.

This news had spread all over the Sword Cosmos and now the people who hated him had another chance to bring him down.

The four governing gods had been following them all this time so they would get to attack them first.

"Sir, I think the governing gods are up to something,"

Austin said to Sword Son Curry with a frown.

"Don't worry. Once we're done, I can get you out of the Sword Cosmos,"

Sword Son Curry reassured him.

Austin nodded and they kept moving, ignoring the four governing gods.

After a while,

an old man in red appeared out of thin air, blocking their way.

"Nice to meet you, sir."

Austin quickly bowed, knowing immediately that he met another sword spirit.

"Here are nine thousand swords.

Each of them is a valuable treasure.

I will allow you to only choose one.

You can only use your senses. You may not touch them.

Once you have chosen, I will decide whether you passed the test or not," the red-robed elder explained.

With a wave of his sleeve, sharp swords flew out and were suspended in the air.

Austin counted all the weapons to confirm the task.

As he observed the weapons, he concluded that they had different shapes and their auras were all different.

Some emitted coldness, some gave off the heat, some w

ssible that Master Sword left some treasures there?"

Elder Cunning wondered.

A flash of greed crossed all of their eyes.

Master Sword was the strongest being in the Sword Cosmos.

Throughout the history of the Sword Cosmos,

no one had matched him.

He was a legend.

Everyone in the Sword Cosmos wanted to reach his level.

If he had really left some treasures behind that Sword Son Curry was interested in,

it was not hard to imagine how precious the treasures were.

The four governing gods immediately sent a message to their own forces.

"There are the treasures left by Master Sword here.

Don't worry.

We will get our hands on them at all costs!"

After receiving the news, the senior leaders of the four forces got carried away.

"Send more men there now!

We need to surround the Divine Sword Mountain so that they can't run away!"


I am going there myself.

We must get Master Sword's treasures!"

The senior leaders of the four major forces couldn't wait any longer. They not only sent more men to surround the Divine Sword Mountain, but they also rushed there themselves.

Even the leaders of the three forces and the chief of the clan were on their way to the Divine Sword Mountain.

All of a sudden, the Divine Sword Mountain had become the focus of the Sword Cosmos.

Even the people of the Blade Cosmos had caught wind of the rumors.

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