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   Chapter 4157 Passing Another Test

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In order to pass the test, Austin soared into the air and then crossed his legs, floating weightlessly in the void.

The scroll came to where he was and began shaking slightly. The girl in the scroll seemed to be more vivid now.

Austin released his spiritual sense and scanned the scroll.

As he did so, a feeling overcame him. He smiled.

The painting on the scroll did contain a strong sword aura.

It seemed that every line in the painting contained endless sword intent and sword aura.

Luckily, Austin also possessed a strong spiritual sense and comprehending ability. He needed this to read the painting.

Austin's achievement in swordsmanship would also help him.

Since his spiritual sense was one of his greatest strengths,

it only took a second before he was immersed in understanding the painting.

Occasionally, he would stretch out his fingers and gesture in the void to imitate the lines in the painting.

"The first one!"

Soon, he performed the first swordsmanship skill in the painting in the air above him.


he's doing an excellent job.

This young man is not only talented in swordsmanship, but also has a strong spiritual sense and comprehension ability.

If he concentrates solely on swordsmanship, he will meet great achievements in the future,"

the old man in green robes praised. Then he turned back to watch Austin again.

"Yes. I agree with you, sir.

He is really talented in swordsmanship.

I taught him to practice swordsmanship because I knew he was capable and saw how badly he wanted to learn,"

Sword Son Curry said with a smile.

"Yeah, yeah. There are so many geniuses out there.

Unfortunately, only a few of them live long,"

Rollins mocked in his sharp voice.

"Yeah, right. Austin will live longer than you,"

Sword Son Curry snapped back.

"Sword Son Curry, just be grateful you are not completely dead.

You shouldn't have even returned to the Sword Cosmos. Everyone is hunting you down now.

You will regret returning soon!"

Nash yelled.

"There's no point arguing about these meaningless things any more.


Young man, you have passed the test.

In just two days, you have comprehended all the ten thousand sets of swordsmanship skills in the painting.

You now have a deep understanding of their true meaning, so you can easily perform them.

I must admit that you are really talented in swordsmanship.

Very good!"

The old man in green robes couldn't contain his excitement at Austin's fast progress.

"You have my permission to continue climbing the mountain.


he then added.

"Thank you, sir,"

Austin replied and bowed respectfully.

Then he walked up along the mountain side by side with Sword Son Curry.

As soon as they were gone, the old man in green robes disappeared with a pop.

"Austin, I rarely hear sword spirits say 'please' to others,

especially to the younger generation.

You really impressed him,"

Sword Son Curry said to Austin.


Austin looked back at where the old man used to be.

He could only see the four governing gods trailing them. Their faces had darkened.

The more excellently Austin behaved, the angrier they grew.

Moreover, Austin's talent in swordsmanship made them feel great pressure.

Once this young man grew stronger, he would definitely threaten the safety of their own forces.

After all, he was the successor of Sword Son Curry!

And they were mortal enemies with Sword Son Curry.

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