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   Chapter 4015 Don't Come Over

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Austin just stood there motionlessly, much to the confusion of the old woman and Princess Esther.

"Brat, how dare you disobey me?"

the old woman growled, looking furious.

"Sir, why don't you respect my master? If you want to be with me, you'd better show her some respect she deserves," Princess Esther chimed in.

There was a hint of dissatisfaction and disappointment in her tone. She had thought that Austin, just like all men, was fascinated by her, and that he would listen to whatever she said. His standoffish behavior was an unexpected turn of events.

"You are just a disabled semi-governing god. Why should I listen to you?"

Austin sneered at the old woman, ignoring Princess Esther's words.

"What? You..." The old woman was so shocked by Austin's blatant display of disrespect that she was unable to utter a reply.

As for Princess Esther, she turned pale with fright. She had never seen a man behave this way before, especially after she had done her best to mesmerize him.

Before they could gather their composure, Austin suddenly launched an attack.


He used the Mind Sword Skill, slashing the old woman's internal organs.

At the same time, he also sent forward a bright flying sword that slashed the old woman's body in half, splitting her into two.

Not only that, but before launching his attack, he had used the Secret Reincarnation Skill to temporarily block space and time.

The space they were standing in had originally been enveloped in several brilliant magic arrays.

Now, with Austin's Secret Reincarnation Skill, it was completely isolated from the outside.

That was why he dared to make a move.

"How dare you attack me!" the old woman shrieked, trying to fight off the pain.

She was overcome by a flood of shock and anger.

In just a matter of moments, her body was smashed into powder by the combination of the flying sword and the mind sword, leaving behind a mist of blood. Her spiritual soul awkwardly fled to the side.

At first, Princess Esther was rooted to the spot in fear, but she soon rushed forward and cried, "Stop!"

She desperately grabbed his sleeve in an attempt to stop him.

However, Austin just shook his arm and pushed her away.

"Brat, just wait and see. I won't let you go!"

the old woman's spiritual soul cursed resentfully before turning to escape.

Now that her body had been destroyed, she didn't dare to stay here any longer.

She could tell that the human brat in front of her was extremely powerful. If she didn't leave this place right now, she might not get a chance to survive after that.

"Do you still think you

I was sent by the Elf King? I don't intend to kill you. You won't die."

"What? If you weren't sent by the Elf King to kill me, why did you kill my master?"

Princess Esther asked suspiciously. She still didn't believe a word that came out of Austin's mouth.

"If I didn't kill your master, she would have sucked out my vital energy.

Wasn't that your plan? To go to the Spirit Cosmos with me, take the ten chaotic magic treasures and top-level divine pills from me, and then deceive me, bring me back here, and hand me over to your master.

See, I couldn't let that happen, so I had to take action first,"

Austin explained in a matter-of-fact tone, as if he was just talking about the weather. He didn't seem the slightest bit affected by the fact that Princess Esther had been planning to deceive him.

But naturally, her face paled. She couldn't believe that she had been caught. "What? That's... impossible!


How did you know?" She had to fight off the urge to nervously fidget with her fingers.

Fear and a trace of guilt filled her from head to toe.

Everything Austin had said was what she had secretly discussed with her master.

Now he repeated her plan in her face.

"Do you think you can fool me with your tricks?

Now that I caught you in the act, what should I do with you?"

he asked in a thoughtful tone.

An evil sneer tugged at the corner of his lips, making Princess Esther tremble lightly in fear.

"What do you want?

You... Leave me alone!"

she yelled angrily, feeling startled.

"Didn't you say before that you liked me? Did you change your mind so soon?"

Ignoring her words, Austin took a step towards her.

"No! Don't come over!"

Princess Esther screamed, panic filling her eyes.

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