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   Chapter 4014 Princess Esther's Master

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"My lady, didn't you just invite me to visit your house? Why did you suddenly change your mind and want to go to the Spirit Cosmos with me?"

Austin asked deliberately although he already knew what she was up to.

"Sir, I am not sure if you can sense it or not, but I have feelings for you, and I can't bear to be separated from you.

I wanted to spend more time with you. That's why. You're coming with me first.

Anyway, I still need to get my master's permission before I can leave with you,"

Princess Esther said with a sweet smile, as she leaned closer to Austin.

"Master..." Austin repeated what he had just heard.

'So she has a master, ' he pondered to himself.

However, it did not make much of a difference. He wasn't afraid of her master.

No one could pose a threat to him except for the governing gods.

The reason why Austin acted with great caution was because of the legend that there was a governing god in the isolated alien spaces.

Moreover, it was his first time to travel around this mysterious isolated alien space, and he wasn't familiar with it. For safety reasons, he had decided to keep a low profile.

Otherwise, he would have already broken into the Spirit Cosmos instead of wasting time on a girl he barely even knew.

"Well, if you say so, then I will not refuse,"

Austin responded, smiling at her.

The two of them continued to head for Princess Esther's dwelling. Austin's slaves also followed closely from behind.

A moment later, they arrived at a mountain with its summit shrouded by thick clouds and mist, floating all around it, like a thin white veil.

On the mountain, they came to a grand mansion surrounded by beautiful flowers and lush, green trees.

"Sir, we have arrived. This is my house. Make yourself at home," Princess Esther said in a sweet voice.

Then she led Austin and his slaves who were at the Divine Realm into the mansion.

"Sir, please wait here for a moment.

I have something to discuss with my master.

Remember, don't wander too far. This place is full of traps and illusions. It's easy to get lost around here,"

Princess Esther said to Austin in a sweet voice while batting her eyelashes.

"Don't worry. We are not going anywhere,"

Austin replied, pretending to be innocent.

Princess Esther was glad to see him so pleasant and obedient that

she flashed him a wide grin.

She took Austin to a buildin

aster, I will be right back," Princess Esther replied with a nod.

She then turned around and left the space enveloped by several illusions.

In no time, she was already standing in front of Austin.

"Sir, my master wants to see you.

It seems like she agrees with us being together,"

Princess Esther said in a charming voice, as she winked at Austin playfully.


What do you mean? No. I'm not following you in there."

Austin played dumb.

"Sir you are so bad. You know what I am talking about. I really love you. You must follow me inside!

Remember, I'm planning to go to the Spirit Cosmos with you.

My master has agreed to let us go together, but she wants to see you first,"

Princess Esther said, doing everything she could to look cute and adorable.

"Okay, your master wants to see me. I'm cool with that."

Austin nodded in agreement.

He didn't need to take a badly injured semi-governing god seriously.

Besides, he wanted to see what games Princess Esther's master was playing.

"Perfect! I'm glad to hear that. Come on! Let's go meet my master,"

Princess Esther said with a beaming smile.

After a while, she had led Austin to the space where several illusions were set up.

"Sir, this is my master. Please express your greetings,"

Princess Esther told Austin.

"So you are the young man! Come over here and let me have a good look at you!"

the old lady said coldly as she stared at Austin with a stern look on her face.

However, Austin just flashed her a faint smile and didn't do as she said. There was a defiant expression on his face.

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