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   Chapter 4012 Princess Esther

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While the men set out to track him down, Austin appeared casually on a star in the Elf Cosmos.

The Elf Cosmos was a very vast universe, in which there were many worlds and planets.

Austin whistled and walked nonchalantly through the streets of one of the many cities.

He hid all the shadow slaves

because the prince of the elf race had given an order to arrest all the members of the shadow race in the Elf Cosmos.

"Master, there are two teleportation arrays in the Elf Cosmos.

If we want to go to the spiritual race's territory, we have to use them,"

a shadow slave explained to Austin.

"I have to think of a way,"

Austin said with a nod.

"Well, from what I can see, there seems to be many humans in the Elf Cosmos,"

Austin said as he strolled around the city.

"Master, there are some things you don't know. There are humans not only in the Elf Cosmos, but also the whole isolated alien spaces.

Some humans have even become the leaders of various races.

The isolated alien spaces are not closed. They are open.

The creatures outside are welcome to come here, while those inside can leave as they want, so it's normal for humans to live here."

"You are right,"

Austin said with a nod.

He remembered that the gods of darkness in the three thousand big and small universes had all moved to the isolated alien spaces.

"So if I change my appearance, I can freely walk here as an ordinary human,"

he said.


Humans are so common that they are ignored.

And I suggest you dress up as a rich man.

In the isolated alien spaces, the environment is poor and cultivation resources are very rare.

The creatures here struggle, making the rare rich ones very popular.

Master, if you dress like a rich man, you may have the chance to use the two teleportation arrays,"

one of the shad

Austin answered, pretending to be confused.

'Are you kidding? I pretend to be a rich man and want to meet some powerful people, but this is what I get,"

Austin thought to himself, smiling bitterly.

"There's no need for pleasantries. I've come to you to make friends,"

the woman replied.

'She's such a flirt! She thinks I am a rich man and wants to make friends with me.

Forget it. Why should I care about such a whore?'

Austin was both angry and amused, shaking his head.

Then, he heard something.

"Look, it's Princess Esther of the elf race!"

"I heard she spends all her time seducing young, handsome men."

"I heard that she practices a special cultivation method that requires men's vital energy."

"Shh, are you stupid?

Don't talk about her in public. You may get yourself killed!"

The creatures whispered and looked curiously at the two.

Since there was a very long distance between them, those creatures didn't think that Princess Esther could hear them.

However, Austin's spiritual sense was very powerful and

he heard every word they said clearly.

'This is Princess Esther of the elf race?'

Austin was rendered speechless.

There was no way that this could be correct.

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