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   Chapter 4011 The Elf Race

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The teleportation array was located in the center of a square.

All around it, quite a few members of the shadow race were guarding the teleportation array.

However, they didn't heed the members of the shadow race's passing. They could easily come and go as long as they paid their way.

And since there was no reason to guard it, the supposed guards were scattered in the square, chatting and even gambling.

This kind of scene was common.

And because of it, Austin and his new slaves entered the square and approached a teleportation array with no problems. After paying a handful of crystals, they were allowed to pass.

Some of them walked to the base of the teleportation array and were about to activate it.

However, just as they were about to step into the teleportation array, something unexpected happened.

"Everyone, stop! Don't activate the teleportation array.

I have received an order from Master Donahue that they are not allowed to leave.

Arrest them all!"

a member who seemed to be a leader of the shadow race shouted, pointing at Austin's slaves.

As if they had been doing nothing else, all the teleportation array guards rushed over to stop them.

Donahue was very powerful and members of the shadow race didn't dare to disobey him.

The consequences would be very serious if they failed to fulfill his command.

Therefore, they all stampeded for Austin and his slaves.

"Bring me all of them!"

everyone roared as they surrounded Austin and his slaves.

"Oh no, master, they are coming for us.

What should we do?"

a slave said to Austin telepathically.

"It's okay. Let me handle it,"

Austin replied calmly. He had already used his spiritual sense to survey the enemies and knew exactly what he had to do.

A second later, Austin appeared in the square.

Shoop! Shoop! Shoop!

Without uttering a word, he employed the secret skill of the Puppet Strings, and endless, red silk strings reached out in all directions.

They stretched the outskirts of the square, chasing after the many guards coming towards them.

In a few s

there was a commotion.

"The prince has ordered us not to activate the teleportation array.

Arrest them all!"

A loud shout was heard.

Immediately, a large group of elves rushed to the square.

"This is not good, master. Master Donahue must have sent a message to the prince of the elf race to catch us!

The prince of the elf race and Master Donahue have always been friends,"

one of the slaves warned Austin telepathically.

"So we will have to stay here for now.

Let's get out of this square!"

Austin yelled. Then, he appeared in the square and rolled up all his slaves with his sleeve. With the use of the Secret Reincarnation Skill, they disappeared in an instant.

"Damn it!"

A slender elf rushed into the square with a large group of subordinates on his heels. He had seen what just happened and rage filled him when he realized he couldn't trace them.

This elf was very beautiful. He had a crown made of beautiful bird feathers on his head. On his back, there was a green long bow and a quiver hanging around his waist.

"Everyone, go after them!

We need the human brat. The others don't matter as much,"

the handsome elf ordered through gritted teeth.

"And close off the two teleportation arrays. Anyone who tries to come or go must be closely investigated!"

he added.

"Yes, Your Highness!"

the other elves around him answered in unison.

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