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   Chapter 4010 The Legend Of The Red-haired Monster

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"So you wandered far from the territory of the shadow race and entered the chaotic region that has an extremely unstable structure, and now you're back here safe and sound.

Tell me!

Are you lying?"

one of the gray-skinned men shouted as a wave of energy rose behind him.

"I would never! What we said is the truth.

The human brat chased us and we escaped into the chaotic region.

It was difficult to pass through. However, we worked together to form the Shadow Tide Array, so we managed to survive,"

a member of the shadow race replied cautiously as he stepped forward.

"Then where is the human brat?"

the gray-skinned man asked in a growl.

"Well... I saw a tall, red figure appear in the chaotic space in the distance, and that human brat charged at it.

While he was distracted, we took the opportunity to escape,"

the member of the shadow race replied.

"Yes, we all saw the red figure. The aura it gave off sent chills through my body!"

one of the others echoed.


You mean a red-haired monster?!"

The news of this turned the gray-skinned man's face pale.

"Are you sure?

Think carefully. It's not a joke!"

The other gray-skinned men joined in on the panic.

"What we said is true!

We were all frightened so we ran away. We didn't get a clear look at it.

As for whether there is really a red-haired monster, we are not sure,"

a member of the shadow race explained anxiously.

"This is serious! We must report it to our leader and send our masters to investigate it thoroughly,"

a gray-skinned man said in a low voice.

"Right. We must attach great importance to this matter. It's related to the red-haired monsters. It's not a joke."

The other gray-skinned men nodded in agreement.

"You all must return to your homes.

From now on, no one is allowed to leave the territory of our race and enter the chaotic region without permission.

Otherwise, he will be punished according to the rules,"

a gray-skinned man anno


Our ancestors set up hundreds of alarm arrays in the chaotic region near the Shadow Cosmos that are specially used to sense the red-haired monsters. They have covered every area nearby. Once there are red-haired monsters, I will be notified.

Who told you this?"

an old man sitting cross-legged in the depths of the palace shouted.

The old man's whole body, including his hair, eyes, and nails were all gray.

"Leader, several clansmen told us.

Today, there was a human brat in our Shadow Cosmos..."

A gray-skinned man spent the next couple minutes telling the leader the details of what had happened today.

"There might be something wrong with those clansmen. Bring them to me right now!"

the leader ordered with a frown.

"Yes, leader!"

Then the gray-skinned man turned around and left the palace.

By now, Austin's shadow slaves had arrived at one of the teleportation arrays.

In the Shadow Cosmos, there were three ancient teleportation arrays also known as the three gates of the universe. Normally, the members of the shadow race used these three teleportation arrays to travel.

"Let's enter the teleportation array and go to the territory of the elf race,"

Austin said to the shadow slaves.

"Yes, master."

The shadow slaves walked into a teleportation array, ready to teleport.

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