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   Chapter 4009 The Situation Of The Isolated Alien Spaces

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Only minutes after Austin had disappeared, several tall, gray-skinned men with many shadows behind them arrived with a look of pride on their faces. That look vanished a moment later.

"My lords, this is where we met the man from the spiritual race. He attacked us mercilessly,"

a member of the shadow race who had escaped from Austin reported.

"Where is he?"

The tall men immediately released their spiritual senses to scan around but found nothing.

"He was right here only moments ago. He might have escaped when we left to get you.

The rest of our people must have been killed by him,"

another member of the shadow race explained as they joined in the search.

"I think you guys are wrong. There is no aura of the spiritual race here.

I only sense the aura of a human.

He's a human, not a member of the spiritual race,"

one of the tall men said after searching for a while. He shook his head at his incompetent people.

"A human?

How did a human break into our territory?"

Confused, the other members of the shadow race exchanged looks with each other.

"It doesn't matter! Track him down!

We must catch him!"

a man ordered.

"Yes, sir!"

the members of the shadow race answered in unison.

While they were busy panicking, Austin was relaxing in the small space he had created outside the chaotic void hundreds of millions of miles away using the law power.

He intended to stay there until everything blew over.

It had only taken him minutes to make the space since he had mastered a complete law of reincarnation, and it was completely under his control. Even if semi-governing gods were to come along, they couldn't find it.

In the middle of the space, Austin stood with his hands behind his back and the members of the shadow race standing in front of him.

"Okay. Since we are safe for the time being, I will take the opportunity to ask you about the isolated alien spaces,"

from the statue master in the Fallen Divine Valley. He had now reached a very high level.

Moreover, the continent created by him was completely under his control. As long as he used the law of earth, he could hide his aura well.

So he hid in the continent he had created.

Once he was satisfied, he allowed the continent to shrink and hid it in the body of one of the shadow slaves.

"Master, can we leave now?"

the shadow slave asked cautiously.

"Yes. Be careful.

Don't be afraid. With me here, no one can hurt you,"

Austin encouraged.

"Don't worry, master. I won't let you down!"

Feeling more confident, the shadow slave straightened his back.

Then he led the rest of the shadow slaves back to the territory of their race.

It was not far from where they were but Austin still released energy to protect the slaves.

This allowed them to freely travel through the chaotic space.

"Hey! Where did he go?

Where is the human brat?"

As soon as they returned to the territory of the shadow race, several tall, gray-skinned men with a large group of people surrounded them.

"My lords, we just met a human brat. We couldn't defeat him. We were chased by him but we escaped.

It's lucky that we make it back alive,"

one of Austin's slaves answered.

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