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   Chapter 4007 Shadow Race

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I still got lost despite my powerful spiritual sense!"

Austin unleashed his spiritual sense to look for creatures but found nothing.

With his current spiritual sense, he should be able to perceive ten universe communities in the blink of an eye, let alone just one.

However, all he sensed was all kinds of mysterious areas.

Not a single sign of any living creature was detected.

"This doesn't make any sense.

The isolated alien spaces should be home to many kinds of living beings."

Under his control, the airship sped up. Even as a couple of days passed, he still didn't find anything.

Since he was at a loss with nowhere to go, Austin continued to aimlessly travel for the lack of be

-lights, his hands remained tucked behind his back. Every inch of him looked composed and unruffled by the battle.

Powerful sword-light cut through the shadows and chopped them into pieces.

However, the shadows would return to their original state soon after they were torn into shreds.

However, Austin released so much sword-lights and each moved so quickly that they tore the shadows dozens of times in a single heartbeat.

"Damn it! This guy's sword skill is way too powerful.

He cut me into bits dozens of times.

If it drags on like this, I'll run out of energy essence and lose my life!"

"I can't hold on any longer. I'm dying!"


Sounds of distress filled the air in the next second.

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