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   Chapter 3647 Mysterious Universe Community

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"I can't believe that such a powerful universe community declined so abruptly like this. There must be some reason behind it.

Well, I am going to figure it out,"

the sky-devouring dog said, with a spark of interest in its eyes.

It then formed strange seals with its paws while continuously murmuring something.

Strong masters just like it, knew a few things about fortune-telling.

But after a short while, a mysterious and powerful force shot down from the sky.

It seemed to know its target as it came directly at the sky-devouring dog.

"What the hell!"

The sky-devouring dog furrowed its eyebrows in shock and took a few steps backward immediately to avoid being hit.

"It looks like there is some mysterious force that wants to keep us from figuring out the reason for the decline of the three thousand big and small universes.

If I continue with this quest, I am almost sure that I will get myself in serious trouble,"

the sky-devouring dog said, now a bit concerned.

Suddenly, Santos appeared in the distance and walked toward the sky-devouring dog and the Divine Swordsman.

"It seems that truth about the past eras of the three thousand big and small universes has been locked and cursed. Right now, no one can look into it.

When my mentor studied the geomancy array in the three thousand big and small universes back then, he found some clues leading to this secret and tried to figure out what happened.

As a result, he died miserably. Worse, he was not able to make a conclusion regarding his quest.

Before his death, he told me never to try and pry into the past of the three thousand big and small universes, or something terrible was sure to happen to me.

So I advise you to give up on your investigation into what had happened in the three thousand big and small universes," Santos said to the two of them. The serious look on his face was enough to send a bone chilling effect into their hearts.

"I've never heard something like that."

The sky-devouring dog and the Divine Swordsman were both shocked at the new information.

"Master Santos, you are indeed an expert in the Earth Exploring Technique. I can't believe that you have managed to activate the geomancy array in such a short time,"

the Divine Swordsman praised.

"I'm flattered, sir.

I studied that geomancy array in the three thousand big and small universes with my teacher. He t

knew very well that the three thousand big and small universes would be safer without him in it.

At this point, the chaotic world tree was safely hiding in the small world created by the sky-devouring dog.

The Fallen Immortal Cosmos was like a fruit hanging on the branch of the chaotic world tree.

This time, Austin took the chaotic world tree and the Fallen Immortal Cosmos along with him.

In this way, he didn't have to worry about them.

"Austin, these are my past insights about swordsmanship and some secret sword skills. I'm giving them to you now. I suggest that you spend some time on them when you are free.

I am quite sure that you will find them very useful," the Divine Swordsman said to Austin.

With a wave of his hand, he put a spiritual sense message into Austin's Soul Sea.

"Thank you, master!"

Austin was completely overjoyed.

'The sword skills that the Divine Swordsman has practiced must be really brilliant, ' he thought with utter excitement.

"Let's go."

With its paw, the sky-devouring dog pointed at the space in front of it.


A big spatial teleportation channel appeared in the void.

"Great! Now follow me, brat."

The sky-devouring dog made its way towards the channel.

Austin closely followed behind it.

When the two of them were about to enter the channel, a huge clap of thunder came from outside the three thousand big and small universes.

It rang in the air, much longer than a regular thunderous crackle in the skies.


It looks like someone is trying to escape! Unfortunately, it's too late for you fools!"

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