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   Chapter 3593 The Disciple Of The Earth Master (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-07-27 00:18

Parker, Alethea, Frost, and other powerful gods of light all came.

As soon as they received Austin's spiritual sense message, they immediately rushed over to where they were.

They came as soon as they could because they were afraid that something might have happened with Santos.

After all, he was the only person powerful enough to work out the way of dealing with the evil baby! They couldn't risk losing him.

If Santos were to perish now, the gods of light would be left with no other choice but to wait for the evil baby's birth.

Once it happened, who would have the ability to defeat it?

Hence, they couldn't stress enough how vital Santos was!

Soon enough, numerous renowned and formidable masters and gods of light crowded before Santos to protect him. They circled Thad in the center and separated them from a distance.

"Thad, you came here alone?"

Parker immediately released his spiritual sense to scan the entire Space Cosmos inch by inch. He found that Thad had no companions in his arrival.

He searched thoroughly for any cultivator around that he might have missed. Surprisingly, there was indeed no one.

"Thad, what happened?

You are covered in wounds and bruises!"

Alethea stared at the wounds on Thad's body. He looked grotesque. He had wounds all over his body. His limbs bore congealed blood, and his clothes were an utter mess.

"Thad, why did you come here? What's your purpose?"

Parker demanded.

"I'm here for Austin. I didn't come here for a battle.

I will leave as soon as I can."

Thad locked eyes with the gods of light. Softness was found in his eyes, as if he was baring his soul to them. His voice sounded beaten, almost like pleading.

If they were to cross paths any other day, Thad wouldn't be found in this unfortunate positi

er, unafraid to face his death.

"Caroline, you must cultivate hard in the future so that the evil shadow race can develop and grow stronger. We deserve to be a strong race under the heaven forever." Thad wiped a tear from the beautiful woman's cheek. Then, he shifted his gaze to Austin, "Promise me to take good care of Caroline, or I will hold you responsible for everything you will do to her,"

he seriously said.

"Of course I will take good care of Caroline!"

Austin replied.


Thad nodded, and forced a weak smile.

Parker, Alethea, Frost, and the other gods of light looked at each other in surprise. Using their spiritual sense, they discussed what decision they should do regarding Thad's situation. This was truly unexpected, but they had to do something quickly.

"All right, Thad," Parker mentioned. "We think it's best if we let you leave.

We won't find fault with you."

After a thorough clandestine discussion, the divine gods had decided that this would be the best course of action.

"You're willing to let me go?"

Thad stammered. He couldn't believe it when he heard Parker's words.

"Thad, I know you well. You are a terrible enemy in a fight.

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