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   Chapter 3554 Elliot’s Men Came Back

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 9537

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Austin made a simple wave with his hand. As an immediate response, the Kaleidoscopic Compass flew out and floated in front of him, waiting for his command.

The Kaleidoscopic Compass was a genuine legendary divine weapon that he was able to acquire while he was going through the challenges in the Fallen Divine Valley.

"I know how to perform the Earth Exploring Technique. I have become quite the expert in it. This is my unique advantage because other people know nothing about it.

If I want to further improve my fighting skills, I have to be good at identifying my advantages and make the most use of them.

This is awesome! From now on, I will cultivate in seclusion and study the Earth Exploring Technique. I will focus my full attention to it in order to grasp the earth forming skill in the Earth Exploring Technique."

Looking at the hundreds of ancient books in front of him as well as the Kaleidoscopic Compass, Austin declared his ambitions with a decisive look. It would not be the most difficult thing he had done.

What happened to Caroline had hit him hard.

It was not until that time that he genuinely realized how weak he had been. He even couldn't even protect his beloved woman.

This terrible feeling made him extremely depressed, his guilt eating away into his conscience.

It also made him realize that with his current strength, he would not be able to protect those that he wanted to protect in such a chaotic world.

"I must master the earth forming skill!!"

He took another deep breath before he again declared with such determination in his eyes.

Then, under the control of his mind, one of the ancient books flew to him, and stopped to float in front of his face just a few inches from his eyes. Then it opened as pages began to turn themselves one after another.

Austin put all other distracting thoughts aside and focused on reading the ancient books.

Outside the secret chamber, three beautiful women had already arrived. They were all sitting cross legged outside the secret room. Worry was clearly written all over their delicate faces.

They were none other than Ivy, Sue, and Violet.

At this moment, although not a single word was spoken among them, the three of them were secretly communicating with each other through their spiritual senses.

"What happened to Caroline is a big blow to him. I don't think he could ever forgive himself, let alone those who were actually responsible.

Guys, what should we do to make him feel better, even for just a bit?

Why don't we go inside and talk to him?"

Sue suggested in a concerned tone.

"Sue, don't worry too much.

I think he should be fine.

I was able to follow him all the way here and I know him very well.

He is a tough man. The harsher reality gets for him, the stronger he becomes. He will never admi

woman and slowly walked into the three thousand big and small universes.

"Look! It's the Jade Emperor! And Queen Siobhan! They are back!"

Exclamations of shock were heard continuously.

Everyone stared in awe at what looked like the perfect family.

"Welcome, Jade Emperor, and Queen Siobhan!"

The medium-grade divine gods including Peterson and Otis, together with other gods of light, hurried forward to welcome them.

"Thank you. You must have suffered a lot during our absence.

Let's get settled first,"

the Jade Emperor said with a smile to the divine gods who came to welcome them.

Still followed by their constituents, they returned to the base camp of the gods of light.

The return of the Jade Emperor and Queen Siobhan thrilled and excited everyone. As a result, they felt their power and energy become stronger.

For a moment, the gods of darkness and those from the isolated alien spaces, even those from the underworld became low-key.

It was well known that the Jade Emperor and Queen Siobhan were two powerful warriors of a different and much higher level!

However, the imbalance was soon broken.

A month later, another unexpected thing happened.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

An endless malicious aura, raging like angry waves, suddenly spread from the distant chaotic void to the direction of the three thousand big and small universes.

Then, amidst the surging malicious aura, dozens of tall and ferocious figures appeared and slowly walked towards the three thousand big and small universes.

Each figure towered into the clouds. They were so heavy that the grounds shook with every step, as if they could crush anything under them.

There were eighty one figures in total!

"Look! Elliot's eighty-one subordinates are back!"

Everyone pointed and stared in shock at the eighty one ferocious, tall figures surrounded by their malicious auras.

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