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   Chapter 3553 Wait For Me

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"You don't have to say anything more. I won't change my mind,"

Caroline stated, completely unmoved.

"Caroline, you..."

Although Thad used all the tricks up his sleeve, not a single one worked at all. Unbearable anger filled him and he couldn't do anything but grit his teeth.

"Ancestor, Austin's a good man.

As a matter of fact, our clan have received a lot of favor and support from him in the past."

Even Caroline's mother, Lady Nathalie, plucked up the courage to softly offer her own assurance.

Moreover, she knew it was impossible to separate Caroline and Austin. Since she didn't want her daughter to suffer unnecessary pain, she gathered the courage to speak.

"Enough! Stop it!

Caroline, I'll give you some time to think about it.

I hope you'll understand me!"

Thad shouted.

With a wave of his hand, a terrible law power enveloped Caroline and quickly whisked her away from sight.

"Caroline... Where is she going?"

Lady Nathalie murmured.

"Don't worry. She's fine.

I infused a cultivation method into her Soul Sea and sent her away to meditate and cultivate it.

She's the apple of my eye. I must train her well,"

Thad calmly explained to ease her worries.

A wisp of Basil's spiritual soul energy was inside Caroline's body. Additionally, her talent was nothing to sneeze at. There was no way that Thad would ever hurt her. He would cultivate her with all his strength instead.

"Nathalie, don't worry. Ancestor is very kind to Caroline. He won't harm a hair on her head,"

the Evil Shadow King secretly whispered to Lady Nathalie.

"I know! I'm just too worried about Caroline. I don't need you to remind me."

Lady Nathalie snapped at her husband.

Meanwhile, a storm was brewing in the headquarters of the gods of light.

Not a single word left Austin ever since he came back.

Fury filled him at the thought that he couldn't protect his beloved woman.

"Austin, don't worry about it. Caroline is Thad's descendant.

As far as I'm concerned, Thad would never hurt Caroline. He'd even protect her,"

Oswald soothed.

Relief filled Austin when he heard Oswald's assurance.

"To be honest, Thad is a strong and decent man, and we used to be friends.

But sadly he ended up throwing himself into Hackett and Elliot's team to become one of the top masters of

arry sky in the Fallen Immortal Cosmos. He immediately sat down cross legged.

"Caroline, don't worry. Just wait for me.

I'll definitely bring you back!

Just you wait and see, Thad. You'll regret this!"

Austin murmured, with a terrifyingly blank expression settling over his face.

"I'm still too weak.

I can barely put up a fight against an ordinary medium-grade divine god.

In the face of a premium-grade divine god, I'll be even weaker than an ant!

All I need to do is to make myself stronger!"

Austin firmly declared.

"In terms of realms, I'm a preliminary-grade divine god now. If I want to break through to be at least a medium-grade divine god, I still need to spend lots of time to cultivate. I have no idea how long it'll take for me to break through."

Austin began to study himself to make a plan.

The higher a cultivator's realm became, the more difficult it would be for him to break through.

"If I want to quickly improve my fighting power, I have to start with secret martial arts skills.

Actually... I'm already good at a secret technique that no one else knows, the Earth Exploring Technique!"

Austin assured himself.

Once he took stock of his current abilities, he waved his hand to make hundreds of books fly out of his Space Ring and settle in front of him.

These hundreds of books were bought from different bookstore in the Brilliant Kingdom after Austin returned to Earth.

Each ancient book contained information about geography and geomancy passed down from the ancient Brilliant Kingdom.

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