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   Chapter 3552 Basil's Spiritual Soul

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"Get your ass over here, Thad!"

Austin roared.

However, no voice came from inside the stronghold.

"Austin, let's go back first,"

Frost said with a sigh.

"Hey, don't worry. I know Thad. He's a decent man, unlike the other cruel evil bastards from the god of darkness side.

Plus, your wife is his descendant. I believe he wouldn't hurt her,"

Oswald added.

Austin glared at the towering fortress for a while before agreeing with the others. He left with the three premium-grade divine gods.

Meanwhile, inside the stronghold of the gods of darkness and creatures from the isolated alien spaces.

"Thad, it turns out that Austin's wife is your descendant. This makes things so much easier!

We can make that girl our hostage and force Austin to surrender himself!"

Baham said to Thad excitedly.

The second those words left Baham's lips, Thad shot him a petrifying glance.

"Take that back right now and I'll give you another chance.

But if you dare to mention this ludicrous idea again, then don't blame me for what's going to happen to you!" Thad warned.

A strong evil energy suddenly emanated from him which made Baham's spine tingle.

"Alright, alright, Thad, don't be so serious. I didn't mean that,"

Baham replied, scared.

He knew what Thad was capable of. If someone rubbed him the wrong way, he would surely punish that person.

Thad's anger turned into disappointment as he glanced at Baham, turned around and left.

"Humph! He is always so stubborn.

Silas, forget everything that Thad said. Let's take Austin's wife ourselves,"

Baham said to Silas through his spiritual sense.

"What are you thinking about, Baham? You want to provoke Thad? Do you have a death wish?"

Silas was taken aback by his bold proposal.

"Come on, Silas. Yes, Thad is indeed powerful but we are too!

I am confident we can defeat him if we work together.

If we give up like this, we'll be nothing but a laughingstock.

Besides, our lords Hacket

d was not the real ancestor!

The true ancestor of the evil race was a man called Basil who lived a long, long time ago.

Basil had been born before the separation of the earth and sky. At that time, countless universe communities in the Sea of Chaos hadn't been created.

Thad was only his disciple.

Back then, Basil had put a portion of his blood into Thad's body. Thanks to his blood, Thad had progressed rapidly and became a premium-grade divine god in only a short time.

Since then, Basil disappeared without anyone knowing where he was.

The evil race was his offspring. Before he disappeared, he left them in the Sea of Chaos.

In the past few days, Thad had entrusted all the members of the evil shadow race with the secret about their race.

After hearing his story, everyone in the evil shadow race knew more about their race.

"If that's the case then please extract our ancestor's spiritual soul energy from me and plant it into another member's body.

I just want to come back to my husband.


Caroline pleaded.

"Stop talking nonsense.

Do you think just anyone can integrate with our ancestor's spiritual soul energy?

Only those who are close to him and have great talent can do that.

Caroline, only you can do that."

Thad's patience was growing shorter by the minute.

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