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   Chapter 3551 Please Give Caroline Back To Me

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Hearing what Oswald had just said, Austin got excited.

"So, where are Caroline and the others?" he asked as he stared at Oswald with expectant eyes.

"Hmm. Austin, do you know who made that gray hand?

It was Thad. Thad did that,"

Oswald said.

"What? Are you sure?"

Austin was taken aback. He couldn't believe what he had just heard.

As he recalled what had happened, it occurred to him that the gray hand that had gone after him emitted strong evil energy and was surrounded by a gray mist.

Whenever the members of the evil shadow race activated their secret skills, the evil energy and the gray mist appeared.

"So… Thad supports the gods of darkness?!" Austin blurted out.

His brows furrowed at the thought.

"I'm afraid so.

He is indeed one of the top masters of the gods of darkness," Oswald confirmed with a nod.

He looked at the expression on Austin's face as he informed him of the situation.

"Seriously? I never would've reckoned that Thad is from the gods of darkness…"

This unexpected news left Austin dumbfounded.

'My wife's ancestor works for the gods of darkness. I guess things are about to get more complicated.' Austin frowned at his own thought.

"Priest Callum of the evil shadow race said that everyone in their race felt the call from their ancestor. Then, in that case, was it really Thad who summoned them?"

Austin crossed his arms as he made some speculation.

"Most probably.

Thad might have used some secret skill to summon his descendants when he came back.

All the members of the evil shadow race sensed it, so now they've set off to look for their ancestor,"

Oswald said in response.

Austin knew that what Oswald said made total sense.

"I bet they are with Thad now. Would that be a good thing or a bad thing?"

Austin couldn't mask his worry.

"Hmm. Who knows?

Maybe that would be best for some of the members. I guess they'd feel safer. As for Caroline…

Once Thad and the other gods of darkness find out that she's your wife, things might take a turn for the worse."

Oswald placed his palm across his head. He looked at Austin and wondered how he would react from the hard truth.

Meanwhile, Austin was in a daze. Despite the fact that he had already thought of this possibility, his heart grew heavier when he heard it from Oswald.

'He's right.

I've killed so many gods of darkness. We both know that I have a deep grudge against them, and now Caroline has fallen into their hands. What now? I don't know what to do.'

Tears formed in his eyes as he got more anxious. He couldn't stop thinking about what might happen to Caroline if he didn't do something.

Ever since he met her in the Prime Martial World, they had been through a lot. Even then, he had seen her as one of the


Baham reeked of insolence as he laughed wildly. He seemed to be pleased with his own reply.

Just then, a voice suddenly came from the stronghold of the gods of darkness.

"Frost, you can go ahead and leave now.

I know exactly who you want from me.

However, I think it's best that you forget it.

Austin, listen. From now on, Caroline has nothing to do with you."

Although it was just a voice, they all knew it belonged to Thad.

Austin composed himself and took a step forward. He pleaded with due respect.

"Sir, this is between me and you. She shouldn't get involved.

Now, please give Caroline back to me."

"Wait. That's Austin Lin!"

The divine gods of the god of darkness side and those of the isolated spaces were all surprised to see Austin.

"Thad, is that true? Are you really keeping someone Austin wants?

Ha-ha! That's awesome!

Now we can easily take Austin down."

Baham burst out laughing.

This time, Austin was struggling to keep his composure.

"Sir, what good would it do to you if you don't give her back to me?"

At the sound of Austin's insistence, the voice snorted in derision.

"Austin, you have to know. You are not good for her.

Caroline is the princess of our race, and you are just a stranger to her now.

Just come to terms with it and get going."

Hearing this, Austin had lost all his temper.


I assure you, if anything happens to Caroline, I will avenge her!" Austin bellowed.

"Ha! The audacity of this kid. How dare you threaten me? I don't think you have any idea what you're doing.

But don't you worry. If you stop bothering her from this point forward, I won't kill her. Instead, I will treat her like my own daughter.

However, if you continue harassing her, do not blame me for what I would do to you.

Consider yourself warned." Thad sounded ominous.

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